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      Simeon PreußSimeon Preuß

      I’m a math teacher, and I’m missing the ability to automatically create a coordinate system. At the moment, I’m slower than my pupils if I create a nice looking coordinate system live. As I’m working for years now with Active Inspire, It looks like this is a missing feature or its very well hidden.

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      Simeon, are you talking about something more than you might construct using the Grid Designer (right-click on a page background> Grid Designer) ? As maybe you know, each page has a grid, and it’s a matter of whether or not you have it show. You can turn the Grid Designer on, change the default scale, change the grid color/shade if you wish, draw coordinates on top of it, then right-click and turn the grid off from view when you’re done with it.

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      The XY Origin tool sets a point on the flipchart page around which other objects can be rotated. This functionality may not be related to the issue in question.

      To enter the Grid Designer within ActivInspire, either right-click on a blank flipchart page with the Select tool is in use or press CTRL + SHIFT + G (COMMAND + SHIFT + G in OS X). From this tool, you can set various options for the grid in ActivInspire such as its visibility, how many pixels apart each grid line is, and whether objects will automatically snap to points on the grid.

      (Support Case 00490340)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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