What is ActivInspire?
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      Thanks for posting. I’m logging case 00524470 for your question.

      Can you please be a little more specific about what you want the spinner to do? That is, do you want to click on the spinner and have it select a random number, or move independently with mouse or pen input?

      I’m not sure we can help from a technical support standpoint, though other members of the community may be able to advise.

      You might also be able to get some help by logging on to prometheanplanet.com and checking some of the resources linked below; all are free to download.




      Hopefully this helps, though if you can let us know specifics or in particular if any part of the software is not working correctly, please let us know and we will assist as we’re able.

      Thank you,

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      Dear Daniel,
      I already look at both of those free downloads. Neither of them help me to make a spinner and rotate the arrow on the spinner with a pen touch. The spinner is only 5 or 6 sections big that I want the arrow to rotate around randomly land on a section. Very simple yet there is no real how to make a spinner from scratch manual on this.

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      The ActivInspire
      software does not contain a Random Number Generator which would be used to
      express the random positioning of a pointer on a spinner’s face.  The closest that Inspire would have is the
      Dice Tool, which uses 6-sided dice rolled randomly.  If this is what you are looking to do within
      the flipchart (produce a random whole number from 1 to 6, including 1 and 6),
      then this would be what we suggest using.


      Most of the
      spinner-like resources already available for use in the ActivInspire software
      are Flash-based objects that can be inserted into a flipchart as needed.  If you were able to create something similar
      within a Flash editor, the resulting fie should have the ability to be inserted
      into a flipchart for use.


      (Support Case

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