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      I recently upgraded to a new mac book pro using OS 10.12.2 Sierra.  My Promethean will display the screen but there is not touch screen, pen, etc.  I have unistalled and reinstalled the newest Activ drivers and no luck.  How do I fix this?

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      Hi rnunn,

      Thank you for posting on the Support Community.

      With regard to the ActivDriver you have installed, what version is this?

      To find the version you have installed, locate the ActivManager icon in your system tray or taskbar.

      ActivManager icon
      Click on the icon and select Control Panel.

      Control Panel

      The ActivDriver version can be found at the bottom of this window.

      User-added image

      If you are using a version prior to 5.14.21 we would recommend uninstalling your current version of ActivDriver. Once removed, it is needed for the computer to be restarted at this point. Once back up and running, install the 5.14.21 ActivDriver from the below link:

      If you have this version installed, does your Promethean hardware show listed within the Hardware tab on the ActivManager Control Panel?

      If not, please check your USB cable and ensure that this is connected to the computer as this could be where the issue you are experiencing is relating too. 

      If you still have issues, please let us know what the model number of your Promethean hardware is.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

Viewing 1 reply thread
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