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      Kathryn KnowlesKathryn Knowles

      I saw a post about this from about a year ago, but no solutions were provided other than a referral to a Byzantine document about wireless security and ports. Our IT provider has checked out all of the ports, and says everything works as it should.  I have a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. Until last week I was able to screen share to my Promethean board without problems. Now, it returns the message “Panel ID error”. This same problem is happening to ALL teachers with a MacBook. The Chrome extension on the Mac gives the same error. However, when I connect using a Chromebook with the Chrome extension, it will screen share. Same result using a PC with the Chrome extension. I was not able to install the sender app on the PC, but I suspect it would be also be able to connect. If I connect my Mac and the Promethean to a mobile hotspot, it connects just fine. So, this tells me there is something about the wi-fi security on a Mac that is the culprit. I just have no idea how to solve it. Any ideas?

      Meanwhile, our all teachers using MacBooks in our school are unable to screen share to the Promethean board. Since we all disconnected our projectors because the Promethean was “better”, this is a huge problem.

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      George RamirezGeorge Ramirez

      Hi Kathryn, this appears to be an issue other districts are experiencing too, including ours. I found more information on this thread;

      Screenshare App inop, Chrome Extension Okay

      Sounds like its a problem on Promethean’s side (cloud-based discovery service). Hopefully they fix it soon.

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi Kathryn,

      Thank you for posting to our forums.

      As George so helpfully replied already, there were some connectivity related issues we spotted with the service last week. These were investigated and resolved towards the end of last week, so if Screenshare has always worked for you in the past, then it should have returned to normal by now.

      Do let us know if you are still experiencing issues and please do not hesitate to get back to us if you have any other questions, we’d be happy to help.


      Thank you,


      Kind regards,



      Promethean Technical Support


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      Charles ClarkeCharles Clarke

      Good morning

      We have an issue with our MacBooks and iPads connecting to the Titanium Panel using Screen Share

      Has anyone got any updates / solutions to the problem?


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      Taylor CunninghamTaylor Cunningham

      We’re having some issues with Screen Share connecting today. It worked fine this morning, but now no teachers can connect with their Macs. We can connect using AirPlay, but not Screen Share. We’ve tried to refresh the panel ID but the panel will not refresh. All panels are updated to the latest firmware.


      Any solutions?

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      Hello, I have a school in IL where Screen Share is no longer working and I tried using Screen Share in my panel in CA without success. I notice that when I open screen share there is an icon with a cloud and a line through it that signifies that it’s not connected to the network.

      I have also tried refreshing the panel ID and made sure the panel was updated to the latest firmware.




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        Hello Judy,

        Thank you for your post.

        Kindly confirm which mainboard firmware version that you are using on your ActivPanel. This can be found following the article included below.

        In addition to this, please try clearing the application data and cache by going to the Locker > Settings > Apps > App Info > Screen Share > Storage > Clear Data & Clear Cache. After doing so, are you able to make a connection?

        Also, please provide us with the version of Screen Share sender you are using (i.e. Mac OS App, or Chrome Extension) along with the version number.

        Lastly, we recently changed the network requirements to Screen Share, please review the network considerations below to ensure that your network is configured properly.

        Kind regards,


        Promethean Technical Support

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        Hello Jordan,

        Firware is

        I also cleared the cache and that unfortunately didn’t work.

        I am using MyPromethean app for my iPhone and Screen Share sender for Windows.




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      Kathryn KnowlesKathryn Knowles

      I have this same problem. I tried to follow instructions on a related post:


      Macbook unable to screen share


      Which sends me to a link to change TCP settings. Like most teachers, I am not able to change the settings for our network, so whatever needs to be fixed here is beyond me.


      Any suggestions? This seems to happen on a regular basis with ScreenShare. I wish Promethean would not roll out changes that don’t work!!!


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      Taylor CunninghamTaylor Cunningham

      We’re using the Mac downloaded Screen Share and the version number is The board firmware is updated to

      We just tried to clear the cache on a board and there is still a panel number error even though we are typing in the code correctly.

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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi all,

      Thanks for your posts.

      We are aware of some intermittent server issues which could well be affecting Screen Share.

      This is being looked at and should hopefully be resolved quickly.

      There have also been some changes to the network considerations, which may need to be addressed from your side.

      Please see article 1796 for the revised list.



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