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      Adam HintonAdam Hinton

      One of my teachers is complaining that her activinspire shuts down mid-lesson and when she reopens it all of her notations are gone. She is running OS X Mavericks and most likely has the latest version (I rebuilt her operating system a couple of weeks ago). Any ideas how I can resolve this issue?

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      If needed, Version 2.3
      of ActivInspire can be downloaded from this
      on Promethean Planet for use on her computer.


      When the program shuts
      down, if you are presented with any error messages, can you post a screenshot
      of that error or the text of that error? 


      Try logging in as a
      different user on that computer (preferably an Admin user) and attempt to use
      the Inspire software in the same manner as the user was.  Does the behavior replicate, and if so, does a
      similar error message appear to the one received while the user was logged in?


      (Support Case

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