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      Michelle RinkevichMichelle Rinkevich

      During Zoom meetings there is no sound coming from the Panel.  Sound works with everything else on the panel just not during the Zoom meetings.

      I am uninstalled and reinstalled the application and the issue still persists.

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      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      So we can offer the best solution can you please provide a few additional details?

      1. What device are you using with Zoom?  An OPS-G or an ActivPanel Elements Series panel?
      2. How was Zoom installed on the panel? Through the Google Play store or from an APK found online? If the Google Play Store, how was that installed onto the panel?
      3. Is this the only panel that has this issue?

      Please let us know and we can look further into your issue.

      Thank you,


      Promethean Escalations Team

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      Michelle RinkevichMichelle Rinkevich

      Hello Krista,

      1. We are using a new Titanium Promethean board.  They have the Andriod 8.0.0 OS installed.
      2. Zoom was installed a couple of different ways as we worked to resolve the issue.  We used a package in once instance and installed from the Google Play store in another instance.  We also tried using Zoom from a web browser.  In all cases there was no sound from the board.
      3.  This is happening on all our Promethean boards.



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