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      Michel LanningMichel Lanning

      The pens will occasionally work when the computer has been just booted up but then will stop working randomly or sometimes they will not work for the entire day even after restarting the computer and programs.


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      Michel LanningMichel Lanning

      Product code is ABV378PRO

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      We just came back from break, and almost all of the Promethean boards have stopped working with the pens. We know of at least five classrooms in which the pens don’t do anything. One teacher can get them to work if they use it on an active slate, but not directly on the board itself. We don’t know if anyone in the building who has successfully gotten the pins to work directly on the board since we came back. We weren’t sure whether a Windows update has somehow broken some thing or what caused it.

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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean


      Thank you for your posts.

      The issue may be due to a Windows update. To resolve the issue we would recommend upgrading the firmware on the ActivBoards.

      Details on how to do this can be found in the support article.

      Please let us know the results.

      Thank you,


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      Rob MoyzanRob Moyzan

      We are having the same issue and our drivers are the latest version along with the firmware.  We really need someone to look into this.  Even if it is a window update causing it you should be looking into it and providing a fix.

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      Hello Rob,

      Thanks for your post.

      What happens, exactly?

      An accurate description of the issue would help.

      Are the units shown in the control panel of ActivManager or not?

      If this is a model with a flame icon on the top left of the screen, does it light up?

      If yes what colour?

      Some users recently reported issue with old AC3 units (ActivBoard300 and ActivBoard500Pro).

      In all of the above cases updating the firmware fixed the problem.

      This article provides instructions for updating the firmware on ActivBoard 300 machines:

      This other one is for ActivBoard 500 units:

      In case you still need help it would be a good idea to open a Support Request, as that allows us to better investigate the issue and provide more extensive replies compared to forum posts.

      You can open a Support Request from here:


      Hope it helps.

      Best regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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