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      I have a PRM-10 projector that will not work. 

      The green light comes
      on, the fan would spin, then stop, then spin, then stop, then the red light
      would flash 45 times then steady red light, no screen.. 

      Troubleshooting guide
      said to unplug the board for 30 seconds then replug and try to turn on.  I
      did.  I got the same result.

      I pulled out the filters
      and dusted them and checked to make sure it wasn’t overheated, unplugged and
      replugged… Nothing is turning my whiteboard on and I very much rely on it to
      teach.  Please help.

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      Hi and thanks for posting.

      The next step to check would be to replace the lamp in the projector with a known working lamp from another PRM-10 to see if the fault follows the lamp or the projector.
      If you need help on replacing the lamp, please refer to the below link:

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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