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      Margaret LeahyMargaret Leahy

      Although we can download the resource pack, we cannot import it into ActivInspire (V1.8.64351).

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      When importing the
      resource pack through the File menu (File > Import > Resource Pack to (My/Shared)
      resources), are you encountering any error messages?  If so, can you post a screenshot of that message?


      Are you unable to
      import those resources into the updated version 2.3 ActivInspire software, or
      does the same error message or behavior present?


      (Support Case 00491653)

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      Dear Jarrad,

      Thanks for your reply. We are using the version of Activ Inspire available on the Promethean Planet website and when we import the resource pack the the file menu, we get an ‘import failed’ message. We have uninstalled and re-downloaded the resource pack to no avail. Attached is a screenshot of the error message.

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      Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for your reply.
      Please could you advise on the file name of the resource pack (and extension type).
      Please clear your “Temp” files on the computer and restart the computer. Try to import the resource pack again and see if this works.
      Temp files can be located by searching for %TEMP% on your computer.
      Case – 00491653

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      Thanks Adam,

      It is the main ActivInspire resource pack v1.1 available through Promethean Planet. We will clear the temp files and see what happens!

      Thanks again.

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      Sorted! Thanks a mil!

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