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      Jesse EmspakJesse Emspak

      I recently tried installing some apps from Google Play on my Promethean board, and it told me I had to install an administrator control app that allows our sysadmin to do things like wipe it etc… it looked a lot like what I would see on a phone.

      Anyhow, one of the security protocols is that I need to enter a PIN to start using the board. This isn’t too terrible, but I wanted to know how to disable this.

      The board is also lined to my (school) google mail account, and I wanted to disable the notifications that come on when the board is turned on.

      I am not sure of the model,  I think it is an ActivePanel G (ACON1-G)

      In any case I wanted to know how to put the Promethean back on its old settings where you don’t need a PIN because figuring out how to enter the PIN requires repeated tapping and swiping and I never can figure out how to get the input screen. It just sort of appears seemingly randomly.


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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi Jesse,

      Thank you for your post.

      To best assist with this question, we would need to know the serial number of the ActivPanel as well as the ActivConnect G-Series or ActivConnect OPS-G.

      Please can you provide these details via email through the contact form:


      Feel free to include a picture of the PIN code screen you are referring to if you are unsure of the details.

      Please do not hesitate to get back to us  if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help.


      Thank you,


      Kind regards,



      Promethean Technical Support


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