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      Laura CLaura C

      With the 5.1.0 release, users will notice a smoother and more natural writing experience, as we have improved the latency of our Promethean Whiteboard app. We have also enhanced the security of our Screen Share receiver with encryption support and incorporated additional security updates to our panel’s operating system.  

      New Features 

      • The name field associated with ActivPanels in Panel Management will now be copied along with the panel’s serial number when activated in Radix. 


      • Improved latency performance of the ActivPanel’s built-in Whiteboard software. 
      • The latest available Android Security updates for version 8.0 have been incorporated into this release. 
      • We have retired the Promethean App Store from the factory App Locker and replaced the shortcut with instructions outlining alternatives. 
      • We have improved the networking UI to ensure network interface MAC addresses are always displayed, regardless of connection status. 
      • Screen Share now supports encrypted communication between senders and the receiver application on the ActivPanel. For end-to-end encryption, you must also use the following updated Screen Share sender applications, which will be available mid-August 2021.
      Sender application  Version 
      Screen Share for Windows  3.0.0 or later 
      Screen Share for MacOS  3.0.0 or later 
      Screen Share Chrome extension  3.0.0 or later 
      myPromethean app for iOS  3.1.0 or later 
      myPromethean app for Android  3.1.0 or later 


      To install the Screen Share sender or the myPromethean mobile app on a device, go to to download the appropriate app for your operating system.

      Bug fixes 

      •  ActivPanel bug fixes 
        • We’ve fixed a bug that resulted in the Unified Launcher not starting correctly in some rare circumstances.  
        • We’ve resolved a crash with the Timer app in full screen mode. 
        • We’ve prevented the Welcome Tour from overriding the “Power On Default Source” setting. 
        • We’ve removed some unnecessary notifications from occasionally appearing in the lower right corner of the display. 
        • We’ve fixed a bug that allowed you to delete the account you are currently logged into. 
        • We’ve fixed a bug that could re-enable touch if previously disabled during a short press of the power button. 
        • The supported resolution list (EDID) ActivPanel offers external devices has been improved. 
        • We’ve fixed an issue that can cause the Camera app to crash. 

      To install this version, please visit the Downloads page.


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