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    Sherry Bouchereau
    Sherry Bouchereau

    The remote turns the board off and on. What do we need to do to use the other features?

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    Wendy Promethean

    Hi Sherry,

    Are you saying the other buttons on the remote for the ActivPanels do not work?  Is this the same for all the remote controls you have?

    You should be able to change sources as well as turn it on/off and use the volume buttons.

    If you think the remote control might be faulty, it’s best to contact Support via email/phone directly as we’ll need to take some details from you.


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      John Jenn
      John Jenn


      I just saw this problem post.  I am having the same problem.  We just got 10 new Nickel ActivPanels with the ActivConnect-G units.  Everything works great at the board but none of the remote controllers work well at all.  Some do nothing.  Some can call up via Source HDMI but not activate it.  All are able to turn the board on/off.  Some can move through options up/down but none can move left/right through options.  The check mark “Select” key does nothing.   What little functionality they do have is erratic.

      I have tried various Activpanels with the same problems.  I replaced the batteries that came with the remote controllers but that didn’t help.  Are remote controllers supposed to be “paired” with specific boards?  If so how?

      If I need to refer this to actual Promethean tech support, what link do you suggest I go to?  Thanks in advance for your assistance.


      John Jenn

      LuVerne CSD

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      The remote controls for our ActivPanels do not require any pairing; they should work with the Panel they were included with following the installation of their batteries.

      Have all applicable updates been applied to the Nickel Panels in question?  Do those updates affect the Panel’s response to the remotes?

      If other models of Panel are at that location, do the remotes operate any of those Panels?


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    John Jenn
    John Jenn


    Thanks for this quick response.  I have applied all the updates that I was advised of in the setup process for these ActivPanels.  I did not notice any pre-update and post-update differences since I didn’t start working with the remotes until after the ActivPanels were setup/configured.    All 10 of our new 65″ Nickel ActivPanels are the same model.

    As mentioned I worked with new batteries and several different panels and remotes to rule out a specific device having a problem.  What I find odd is that none of the remotes are at all fully functional.

    Is there a settings option specific to remote controllers?  I couldn’t find one.  Regarding pairing, I didn’t think that was necessary as I was never prompted for pairing.

    As I mentioned earlier, EVERYTHING is working right IF the work is done at the panel.

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    Hi John Jenn,

    Thanks for posting.

    We understand that from your description the remote has limited functionity, this has previously been raised that only the remote is partially functioning within the ActivPanel menu. We have added this feedback to our development team to review for future updates.

    For those remotes that do nothing, can you confirm that they aren’t even powering on the ActivPanels when directly in front of the ActivPanel?

    If they aren’t doing this, then please provide Promethean Technical Support the ActivPanel serial numbers that are affected by this issue so they can review in further depth.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Support


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