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      Wesley HedglinWesley Hedglin

      I need to rename a bluetooth activboard. We current have 13 bluetooth boards in the same area and cannot find the correct one. Currently using ActivInspire v1.4.23015

      Thanls for any help!

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      In this case, Wesley, we would advise contacting
      our Technical Support Team
      for assistance in this matter.  They will be able to guide you through the
      steps needed more directly than we would be able to within the Community.


      (Support Case 00528057)

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      I received this reply from technical support. Thanks for your fast assistance! =)

      To rename the board for Bluetooth, first connect the
      computer to the board via a single length of USB cable connecting onto the
      board’s upper left corner from the computer. 


      Once the connection is recognized by the computer, access C:Program
      FilesActiv SoftwareActivDriver and open the ‘ActivMonitor’ application.   In the ‘Commands’ field, enter :WN followed
      by the name you wish to assign to this board and press enter.  To confirm that the name was applied, enter
      :WR in the ‘Commands’ Field and press enter.

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