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      Jon ChambersJon Chambers

      I have been using ActivPanel Touch  in various schools and have noticed a couple of things:
      i) To get right click I would normally press and hold down with my finger.
      Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Any ideas? Yesterday we were using v1.7 Inspire. Do later versions fix this?
      ii) You don’t seem to use the pen or finger as you can on an Activboard. E.g. On An activboard 300 or 500 I can write with the pen easily, right click and convert to text. With the ActivPanel touch it seems to be very black or white. You can either have ‘select’ mode which ignores the pen/touch or you can have ‘full touch support’ but right mouse click’ doesn’t seem to work and dragging objects is clumsy… Or is it because we were only using v1.7? (see above)
      iii) The default setting for ActivPanel touch ‘ignores touch’. Thus the pen doesn’t work and you just get squares. Teachers aren’t aware how to fix this. On Supply/installation you should provide some useful tips to alert them to what to do.
      iv) Using the pen or finger to drag objects has mixed results. Opening the library and choosing an activity, with an ActivBoard you can just drag the selected item onto the page. With the ActivPanel Touch you have to select the menu and then select ‘insert into page’, which is quite clumsy.

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      Hi Jon, 
      I realise you have covered a wide range of questions there, but I think the straightforward answer here would be to upgrade to the latest version of ActivInspire 2.2 and then revisit these to see which ones are left outstanding.
      We have made significant changes to the software since version 1.7 particularly around the touch functionality, but please do let us know if you find that any of the above still needs addressing after upgrading to 2.2

      I have also made sure to capture the details in a case reference –  00460307 – in case you want some telephone assistance on this. 

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      Thanks Wendy, But, when I check for updates ,it states I have the latest version (v2.0).
      And when I went to do a fresh installation last week, it was still downloading v2.0.
      When did v2.2 become available and exactly where is it available from on Planet.

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      Wendy, forget my last comment, I’ve just clicked on your link above and I’ve downloaded v2.2.

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