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      Amy PowellAmy Powell

      Some days the videos work and some days they do not. Please advise as to what may be happening and how I can fix it.

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      Hi Amy, 

      Make sure you are on the latest version of ActivInspire (2.2) You can check this by clicking on Help – Info in the main Inspire window. 
      Also, do you get an error message when the video is not playing? 
      Do you know what type of file the video is?  (MP4, FLV, etc). 

      Is your computer able to play the video outside of Inspire?  

      I have created a reference for you in case you would like to call our Tech Support direct. They can talk you through the troubleshooting:  00466028

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      When I click on Help there is no Info option. There is an “About” option and it says Version v1.7. How do I upgrade to 2.2? I do not get an error message. The video screen just stays blank. Videos do play on you tube. I am thinking it is the School board internet streaming connection. Some days it works perfectly and other days it just won’t load.

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      Hello Amy and Wendy, work always with the last ActivInspire software should be a better expirience working.

      As you said the Internet could be the reason you can not play the videos correctly each time.

      Have you tryed to play your videos locally?
      To download any video from youtube or facebook I found a website to get the videos at any format you want (MP4, FLV, AVI).
      copy and paste the entire link you want to download, once been proceced right clik over the link and save it to yopur computer.
      Hope it helps, and let me know if it works for you this tip.

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      Hi Amy, 
      You can get the latest version of ActivInspire from our Planet Website. 
      For the moment it doesn’t update automatically when you check for updates in ActivInspire, although in your case it would have updated you to 2.0 if your ActivInspire was configured to allow automatic updates. 

      Planet link

      How are the videos linked in the Flipchart?  Are they saved with the flipchart (so they would play from any machine) or are they stored on your PC and linked in the flipchart? Like Carlos pointed out, this can make a difference if you are using the schools connection to play them. 
      Check on the format and the size of the videos, you might be able to convert them to a format that makes them smaller, albeit perhaps with slightly less quality, but at least they would play every time! 

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