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      Richard RiggsRichard Riggs

      We have a ust-p1 projector that will not come on. No error patterns are given, and the cooling fan just keeps running hard and loud even though it’s been turned off for awhile and unplugged. A very faded light will come from the bulb for 2 seconds then fade away. That repeats every 30-40 seconds. Any thoughts?

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      Michael PrometheanMichael Promethean
      Senior Moderator

      Hi Richard,

      We would suggest testing with another known working lamp.  It is quite odd that the projector would shut down without any user input and not give a error message. That error message would typically appear in the form of a flashing power or lamp LED. At times, the projector may try to strike the lamp several times prior to going into an error code.

      If removing the projector from power for 2 minutes and testing with a known working lamp fail to resolve the issue, please let us know and we will be happy to reach out to get a support case started.


      Promethean Support



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      Richard RiggsRichard Riggs

      New update. We left it running while it continued to have its problem. After a little bit, the orange lamp light came on, and there were some blinking codes. The power light blinked 5 times followed by 12 blinks from the lamp light, then repeat. Does that sound like an error code?

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      Hi Richard,


      Thank you for the update. This sounds like the lamp, have you tried testing with a known working lamp?


      If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support


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