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      The VGA 1 input on my board is not receiving an image. I can connect to VGA 2 without a problem. I would like to have to sources connected at the same time.

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      I just tried connecting the computer directly into the projector instead of the board and I get the same result. So I’m assuming the projector itself is bad. or should i try something else.

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      In troubleshooting a Promethean-branded projector for an issue such as this, we would recommend the below steps:

      – Make sure that the computer or laptop’s monitor is displaying an image
      – If any additional hardware is used in the video connection to this projector (e.g. a video splitter or an extension for the video cabling in use), remove it and attempt a direct connection to each of the relevant video ports on the projector using only a single length of that cable.
      – If multiple displays are in use (like the projector and the computer’s monitor), set the displays to be cloned/mirrored/duplicated; you may also try toggling between the different display options (if available), such as Projector Only, Computer Only, and Extended.
      – Try using a Computer and video cable which are known to work with other projectors with the projector in question, making the connection directly as described above.

      If there is no display on one or none of the needed video ports on the projector at this point, please reach out to our Technical Support Team with the Serial Number of the projector in question to verify its warranty coverage in the event a replacement is needed.

      (Support Case 00633989)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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