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      Is this different than ClassFlow?

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      I would like to download resources.

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      I have a PRM-45 I would like to install.

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      The board isn’t connecting to my laptop.

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      The ClassFlow integration is amazing.

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      It would be great if we could have a support mobile application

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Test topic to see if outlook notifications are working

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      Zoe PrometheanZoe Promethean

      Telephone Lines – By Language

      Customers who have registered Promethean products or purchased warranty enhancements receive access to upgraded, prioritized support with Promethean ActivCare. Please refer to your ActivCare Warranty Certificate or Warranty Pack for toll-free Technical Support telephone numbers.

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      Zoe PrometheanZoe Promethean

      The Promethean Support Community is a place for you to collaborate with other users of Promethean products by asking questions, providing solutions, and posting your ideas about Promethean products. We invite you to participate in the conversations, discussions, and exchange of ideas but we do have a few rules. For everyone’s sake, we are committed to enforcing these guidelines, as well as the Promethean Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

      Spread the wealth!

      Make the Community a richer place by sharing your experience and insight. You may have the perfect answer to someone else’s burning question, so don’t hesitate to join in the conversation and share your knowledge.

      Get permission and respect others’ privacy

      Make sure you have the right to publish any content you post to the Community, and don’t violate the privacy of others.

      Be sensitive to others

      Be sensitive to other people around you, and, in general, don’t post any words or images that come at the expense of others or that are of a sexual, offensive, or violent nature. It is important to foster healthy conversation and debate without ever attacking people personally. Think about that when responding to others, and ask yourself the question: Would you say it to their face?

      No advertising for gain

      It’s okay to talk up the products or services you love (or sell), but only if it’s relevant to the conversation. If you’re only here to promote your website, your post may be removed by a moderator.

      Thank you for considering our guidelines. As with any community, it’s up to each of us to create and participate in open conversations that can bring us together. Our aim is to provide an additional channel which allows us to support each other and share our mutual passion for learning.

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      Jessica WilliamsJessica Williams

      It worked for me for the past two school years, but now I have no devices registered in my ActivHub. When I try to re-register them, the “Device Registration” screen is blank.

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      Bob LeachBob Leach

      I have searched the internet for a source…. I get “not available in my area”, no response to “replacement pen” search in promethean planet. You would think I was looking for Kryptonite!!!

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      Chris ButtsChris Butts

      I have a board with the Product Code: PRM-AB2B-02 and SN: 0816044024 that interacts with the pen until I try to calibrate. Its acts as though I have right clicked and when the + finally does appear the pen does not work. I currently have ActivBoard firmware V3.98 Build 13 Driver Version V5.5.37.1. I have disconnected both and the USB cable which is connected directly to the board and the power source from the board for 20 minutes. Any suggestions on how to resolve this calibration issue?

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      The green light comes on, but then starts to flash red and will not power the projector on. Bulb has been replaced

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Please be advised that some of the Promethean Technical Support telephone numbers have changed, and the lines you have used previously may no longer be active.

      For full Technical
      Support contact information, please refer to this post

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      Chloe BrownChloe Brown

      The image from my computer is not centered on the Promethean Board. The window is shifted to the left and I cannot close the window from the board as the “x” is not being projected on the white area of the board but instead on the black boarder. How do I adjust the screen so that the entire window from the computer is properly projected on the white board?

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      cristina scacciacristina scaccia

      Bottom half of screen displays blurried images.

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      Sarah RobinsonSarah Robinson

      I have a PC plugged into Computer1 and Computer2 on the promethean board. I have the USB for sound plugged into PC1, which is working fine. How do I get the second PC to play sounds from the board?

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      Jennifer FletcherJennifer Fletcher
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      Jennifer RobinsonJennifer Robinson

      I’m a student teacher/new user, and I’m trying to import a PPT, but keep getting the message, “Powerpoint source file is incorrect”. What is the issue and how can I correct it? Thank you.

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      Claire HedleyClaire Hedley

      I would like to be able to create flipcharts at home on an evening on my own computer to then use on Active Studio / primary later. Is this possible? So far I have avoided doing this by using powerpoint presentations but I’m sure I’m missing out on some cool features. Any straight forward tips would be great!

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      I have started using Activinspire 2.0 along with ClassFlow.
      Two types of questions can not be sent to the Ipads :
      1) the “set in order” ad hoc question
      2) any automatic set of questions created with the “Question manager”
      I am working from Switzerland, but using an US english version.

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      Key concept of Ipads and other tablets in School is “differentiation” : each student must be able to go along its own rythm.
      This is not possible with ActivInspire 2.0 : the student should be able to download a whole FlipChart on his Ipads and go through it with set of automatic questions , instead of waiting for the teacher to send pages. This is a REAL DRAWBACK compared to solutions like “Eclickers” for instance..

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      Evelyn BalandraEvelyn Balandra

      Active Pen not working

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      Pat CardettinoPat Cardettino

      I have downloaded a flipchart – Comparing Communities – which has a video imbedded. There is no sound when playing the video

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      Sarah WrightSarah Wright

      I used to have sounds as part of the shared resources. Where are they now? I can’t find them anywhere on my computer. How can I get these resources again?

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      Danielle VaughanDanielle Vaughan

      I uploaded several flipcharts into promethean planet and it said that it was successfully uploaded. After, I cannot find the resources downloaded using keywords I used.

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      Chris ClarkChris Clark

      What do they need to be able to open and view flipcharts?

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      When writing on board and then trying to make corrections, the board does not undo in correct order

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      Stephanie LeachStephanie Leach

      When using the text questions for my ActiveExpression 2 devices, the responses do not all show up in the ‘who answered what’ screen. The little boxes with the numbers turn yellow, but I can’t see if all the kids got it right or not. How do I fix this?

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      Mary Jo LasloMary Jo Laslo

      I have dotted lines projected along with computer images. Problem just started. Unplugging cables and switching computers did not correct problem.

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      Claudio ZavalaClaudio Zavala

      It was to get a certificate.

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      Claudio ZavalaClaudio Zavala

      It was to get a certificate.

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      Our activotes are several years old and haven’t been used in a while I got them registered, but do not have the hub–it has gone missing.

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      Tiffany ArmstrongTiffany Armstrong

      I have a recovered flipchart in which the pages show up fine in the page browser, but they show up blank in the main section. How can this be fixed?

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      Toni FletcherToni Fletcher

      Both teacher pens work well, but neither student pens works ( 1 new, and 1 older student pen) Why?? Help!

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      Toni GrimesToni Grimes

      How do I activate my account? I have a user name (tgrimes1) and a password (vineva1). It said to click the link on my e-mail, but the only link I get is prometheankb and it doesn’t do anything. Thank you!

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      Natasha FlanaganNatasha Flanagan

      I have files saved as AS4 files and they will not open in Activ Inspire. I have change the settings so that they open with Activ Inspire but each time a notice comes up saying “an error has occured”

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      Traci DollTraci Doll

      The flame is red. I have tried turning the power off and unplugging it. I have unplugged the USB cables. I downloaded the most recent version of ActivInspire yesterday.

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      Patti SmithPatti Smith
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      Kathy BovairdKathy Bovaird

      My white board does not play sound from this computer.
      How do I get the Promethean USB Audio driver my other PC has?

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      Melissa PriceMelissa Price

      When I write on my board the letters have shadows

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      April MorrisApril Morris

      Our board starts out perfect but after a few minutes begins flickering and turns to black and white. Even with all cables disconnected and no image, the screen continues to flicker. Any suggestions?

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      Carol GrahamCarol Graham

      Registered Activotes but coming up with the wrong number. How do I fix this? Everything is updated.

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      Charles PribylCharles Pribyl

      I have ActiveInspire working but when I go to File – Import – pdf files are NOT listed as an option to import. Only PPT, SMART and Resource Pack. I would like to know how to import pdf files when that option is not listed. Thank you

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      I am running active inspire on a mac that is running windows 7 (don’t ask why). I have two student pens that do work. they say 06/11 on them, the teacher pen says 09/11

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      Jane ShipleyJane Shipley

      I have downloaded several resource packs that I cannot open. Currently, I am trying to open Music_Notes_and_Scales_2(1).as3a and am being told to choose an application to open the link. What application do I need?

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      Adam MacRaeAdam MacRae

      See title. I hope I can recover it as a lot of work went into it. Any help greatly appreciated.

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Dear all, 

      Please note that the provider will be taking the site down for maintenance on 
      January 3, 2015 6PM-Midnight PST. 

      This will only affect this Support Site, no other Promethean services will be affected

      Happy new year to you all!

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      Rachel ButcherRachel Butcher

      I created a flipchart on Active Inspire and saved it. It now will not open. The program opens and then just says unable to open this flipchart?

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      kerri smithkerri smith

      I cannot get any of the actions to work when I take it out of design mode. I have reinstalled the software, but the actions are still not working. When I open Activinspire, it takes a long time to boot up and keeps saying it is not responding, but it eventually does.

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      Cliff DavisCliff Davis

      It has integrated speakers on the board and the laptop speakers work,just no sound when I plug the audio cable into the board.The board interacts with the computer fine.

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      Tim PitkinTim Pitkin

      I clicked on the float button on the menu bar and now the menu bar is frozen in the top left corner. I can’t move it or access it, How do I restore this? I tried configure from the start up window, but my version or Tech support does not allow me to update the profile.

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      Emőke FataEmőke Fata

       Hi, I have a problem with embedding a youtube video. I used to be able to embed youtube videos into my flipcharts, even when I had to add – http: – into the code. But now, with the shorter embed code I can’t do it. I’ve uploaded a flipchart to dropbox to show how it appears to me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehbckq3jzraaawe/happy_new_year_2015.flipchart?dl=0
      Thank you for your help.

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      Deborah BuffordDeborah Bufford

      I have questions I created in MS Word and would like to use Activ expression. Do I have to convert questions to a flipchart?

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      I dropped my promethean pen and now it does not work. I cannot calibrate it etc. Please help

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      maeve bolgermaeve bolger

      Hi there I have been using promethean for years now. Recently my work computer was upgraded from windows XP to windows 8.1 but I am unable to reinstall my promethean software?

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      Elane SteinElane Stein

      When importing a PDF, you need to change it to “Fit to Width” so it can be seen from far away, but will have to scroll down to view the rest of the document. I have some grouped items slid to the side so they can be accessed, but when I scroll down to view the rest of the PDF, the items can’t be accessed easily and did not move with the page. Is there a setting for the grouped item so it will continue to be seen even if I scroll down the page?

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      Shawnta FranklinShawnta Franklin

      After creating a self paced question set as I’ve done many times before, voting doesn’t start once I click the ‘GREEN’ vote button. When I created a 1 question quiz just to see if there was a problem there too, it worked. So I know it not the system or the student response remotes. How do I get the self paced question set to work? Is there something I’m forgetting to check off? [Note: All of the questions are the same level.]

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      My red light is on and the pens are not working at all. Any advice?

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      Charlotte PetrovichCharlotte Petrovich
    • #267
      Charlotte PetrovichCharlotte Petrovich

      Cannot connect my ActivHub to my Activboard. I tried to download the ActivEngage app on my IPad, so I can connect my IPad to the Activboard. The Activboard will not recognize the ActivHub.

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      Judy JantzenJudy Jantzen

      My volume on my board is not loud. Everyone needs to be very quiet to hear it. What can I do? I have tried turning everything off and taking out the USB cable.

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      David JerromDavid Jerrom

      When attempting to connect board activmanager would start then just stop. I have checked all cables. Disconnected board and usb.
      I re-installed activ inspire so it is all up to date, now activmanager will not even attempt to connect.

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      My board will flicker while it is being used. It is actually the projector and not the board I am assuming. It is a dimming effect, but my students have started to notice it too.
      My pens will skip as they write. Is this typical? I have new dual pens and it did it with my old pens as well. Thanks in advance.

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      I quit ActivManager on my icons and now I cannot find it anywhere on my computer. I have searched for it but the program does not come up. Can I downnload it again? I am currently unable to calibrate my board.

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      Henrik JørgensenHenrik Jørgensen

      Is my Actiview device broken? I get a black screen on my board and the blue light flashing on my actiview. It works fine with another actiview…

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      I have re-registered all my ActivExpressions and then renamed them.  However, the numbers that pop up on the screen don’t match the pod numbers.  How do I make that match?

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      Angela PhillipsAngela Phillips

      we want to play DDR with our 1st graders. can the board be used to play the game via a PS2?

    • #302
      Nicole MandrinNicole Mandrin
    • #309
      Meg ChamberlainMeg Chamberlain

      I’m looking to purchase a wireless mouse that will work with my promethean board? Is this a possibility?

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      Ms AndersonMs Anderson

      Why can I only see the slides I have made on the browser and not on the screen

    • #313

      Have changed cables but still no configuration allowed.

    • #315

      Test post

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      Tina DonehueTina Donehue

      I have the new board and it doesn’t have the light on the board for calibration. The calibration word is not highlighted so I can’t pick it from the ActivManager. How do I calibrate this new board?

    • #320

      When the Hardware forum was discontinued on Promethean Planet I lost some answers to questions that I need.  Are those discussions available anywhere or do I just need to ask those questions again?

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      Alesha GierszewskiAlesha Gierszewski

      My pen is not working on the board. I shut off and unplugged the computer, projector, and activboard and restarted everything. We even tried a new pen and that did not work either. Any suggestions?

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Exploring Promethean Resources: Understanding what
      you have

      Join our next webinar session “Exploring Promethean Resources”, where we will
      cover some tips for finding relevant resources on Promethean Planet and then
      explore how they can be customised to suit your classroom objectives and
      your learners.

      Promethean ActivInspire includes thousands of free images and templates to help
      you create and adapt lessons. Combine this with additional imagery and
      over 30,000 readymade resources created by teachers on Promethean
      Planet and you have a winning formula.

      During this session we will cover the following topics:

      • Finding resources and
        using from Promethean Planet and ActivInspire.
      • Importing and Exporting
        resource packs
      • Using other files types
        within ActivInspire
      • Managing your resource

      Don’t miss
      out. Register Now!

      Janice Prandstatter

      Janice Prandstatter


      Teaching and Learning Consultant for UKI, at Promethean.

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      Mary ColclasureMary Colclasure

      I just got new activexpression 2’s for my classroom and the fraction button and exponent buttons do not work. Can you please help me with this?

    • #329
      Dana MontesDana Montes
    • #330
      Dana MontesDana Montes
    • #339

      How do you stop the clock from adding more pages to my flipchart?

    • #341

      I have the upgraded software and I know I’m connected to the iternet. there is just not an icon anywhere for the dual user pen. I’m frustrated! It works at one school I teach at but then the second school the option is not even there. Same board, same software! UGH

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Testing , 1 2

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Test test ,

    • #351

      The board transmits no sound and does not react to any pen or finger touch. It also emits a dull overall color which is difficult to see without the lights off.

    • #356
      Ruth KilkennyRuth Kilkenny

      I am having trouble activating the Professional edition of ActivInspire. I have downloaded the programme plus the resource pack however it does not appear to be the Professional edition. I think this has something to do with the fact that when I open it I am not prompted to register and insert my Pass It On serial number. When I manually go in to register a blank page appears.

      I am entitled to the Professional edition and received an email containing a Pass It On serial number.

      I would appreciate your help with this!

    • #357
      Lorinda InouyeLorinda Inouye

      We have a teacher who’s trying to give a 5-question quiz, but only 1 question comes out and it stops working. Please advise. We’ve tried everything!

    • #359
      Calesta BlazoCalesta Blazo

      When I try to import a notebook file, Active inspire unexpectedly shuts down and will not import the file. I have to save it as a common file, and then import into active inspire, but the chart loses all of its formatting which is very tedious to go in and repair. Can you please help me with this.

    • #360
      Lorrie MortleyLorrie Mortley
    • #363
      Denise SchnabelDenise Schnabel

      I have a large flipchart that shows the slides in the preview pane but not on the actual slides. How can I recover this data? I have tried to save a copy, open on another machine and copy paste slides, but none of these have fixed the issue.

    • #365
      candice de boisecandice de boise

      i don’t even see that I have the app installed properly on my mac. i thought i downloaded the driver and the flashplayer already… idk what else needs to be done

    • #366

      The board is not reflecting what is on the computer screen. The inspire board, or other applications open, need to be moved to the far right on the computer screen to see even a small section of them on the P board. Once a day, it reflects correctly, but the other many attempts have the same problem as outlined above. It is inconsistent and unreliable.

    • #372

      I need the professional version, but the downloads only install personal. I have my activation key, and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it never gives me the option of picking professional: it automatically goes with personal.

    • #373
      Kay StewartKay Stewart

      I have a MAC and have switched over to Yosemite. When I clicked on the Activinspire icon, it now says that I need to download Legacy JAVA SE 6 runtime. I did that but it’s not compatible (too old) for Yosemite, but right for my version of Activinspire (v.1.4) Please advise!

    • #377
      Paula StaplesPaula Staples

      the color was a clear white and now it is more of a yellow. Occasionally, it will go back to white but does not last very long

    • #381

      I had previously downloaded the free version for home and just found out that I can get the professional version for free through my school district. How do I change it to that one?

    • #382
      Nelia CardNelia Card

      I need help with downloading Promethean ActivInspire with my license code.

    • #384
      Mary RiebeMary Riebe
    • #385

      where do I go?

    • #386
      neitasha Timsneitasha Tims

      The plus sign comes up when the wand touches the board but it will not move any items.

    • #389
      Stephanie VossStephanie Voss

      My pens are not working. I have unplugged the usb cable, turned off the board, waited 30 minutes, and tried it all again. It will not work. Everything was working fine on Friday. Help! Its difficult to teach without the board working.

    • #390
      Stephanie VossStephanie Voss

      Help! If this is the only way that you can get help from Tech Support, why does it take so long for a response? I’ve seen several problems with no response or answers and they were posted hours ago.

    • #394
      Donna WilsonDonna Wilson

      It no longer says registered

    • #395
      Donna WilsonDonna Wilson

      My ActivSlate is no longer connecting. When I turn it on, it no longer says “registered”.

    • #397
      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      When Questions are the Answer

      Join us for our next webinar, where we will explore how ActivExpression can truly make lessons not just fun and interactive, but give teachers a clearer insight into what their learners actually know, or more appropriately – don’t know.
      We will look at how ActivExpression can be used to find out what learners are thinking and ultimately, allow them to drive their own learning.

      In this session we will explore different ways of questioning, such as:
      • Simple ad hoc questions to promote discussion
      • Prepared questions to check understanding and move learning forward
      • Self-paced questioning, where in an assessment, students can learn at their own pace with surprising results.
      But it doesn’t end there. What about the results? How can they be viewed and more importantly, how can we act on them?

      We will be covering these questions and more.

      Don’t miss out. Register Now!

    • #398
      Sidney PaulSidney Paul

      I downloaded a flipchart. I need to increase the font size of the text, but the text is locked.

      How can I unlock the text?

    • #402
      Bernice AndrewsBernice Andrews
    • #407
      B. TalbardB. Talbard

      After the newest update for ActivInspire software the camera tool is no longer working. When I try to use it, within a flipchart or desktop function, the screen turns black with the exception of the camera dialog box. Any suggestions on how to fix this proble?

    • #408
      Jonathan TurakJonathan Turak

      I need to be able to open the Active Inspire software from my school system onto my Mac, as well as the stuff stored on my USB key. Please help!

    • #409
      Jonathan TurakJonathan Turak
    • #410
      liz littleliz little

      Someone gave us this board but it seems to have cables missing from back. Anyone help where I may locate these cables, in Edinburgh.

    • #411
      Marcia DeArmondMarcia DeArmond

      Is there a way I can continue to work on my computer, see what I am doing, etc., and have something else displayed on the Promethean board-either fixed or streaming video on board and my computer monitor still display what I am working on?

    • #414
      robert kohenrobert kohen

      I have tried to calibrate the board by holding the pen close to the proper spot and waiting for the process to began where I tap the four corners but it never begins the process.

    • #420
      Annika DiVittorioAnnika DiVittorio

      I can not get my pen to calibrate. The red flame will not come on when I hover my pen. Makes writing a little wonkey! Any help?

    • #422
      Margaret LeahyMargaret Leahy

      My problem is with Window 8. Each time I try to download ActivInspire, I get the following message: Error 1603. I have tried changing the security settings and have run Microsoft Utility Fix to no avail. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks a mil. Margaret

    • #424
      Teresa ChiversTeresa Chivers

      I have a new ActivSlate that sat in a box for over a year.  It will  not charge at all.  I figured it is a bad battery and can see the type of battery on the back of the slate.  Despite removing all the screws, I cannot get the slate open.  Any advice?

    • #427
      Ronica WilsonRonica Wilson

      I just received a new ActivSlate and am having trouble charging it–everytime the display counts down close to zero the ActiveSlate display says Charge Fault. Also, the manual says that I need an up-to-date version of the ActivDriver to charge the ActivSlate via the usb. I can’t seem to find the ActivDriver on the Promethean website. Please advise.

    • #429
      David HornerDavid Horner

      Does 2.3.65940 support Mac OSX Yosemite? Is there an expected release date for full support?

    • #431
      Diane BrownDiane Brown

      Where do I find the training on this website?

    • #435

      I am unable to download two flipcharts. Every time I try to download it sends me to re-enter my username and password. I am already logged in, but I log in again, and the cycle continues… Any suggestions?

    • #448
      Eddie RamosEddie Ramos

      Why won’t my expressions turn on? As time has gone by, some of my expressions are failing to power on. Is there a battery to be replaced or charged?

    • #451
      Sue CalaSue Cala

      I have downloaded the Personal version of Activinspire, then installed it. The Flip files will not open – says application not installed – Mac OS X 10.10.2

    • #454
      Nancy JonesNancy Jones

      I have created several tests using voters (Active Expression) over the last five years. I share with several teachers, and now we have quite a few students names and grades from past years in the Excel spreadsheet. Is there a way to delete those names and grades, or do I have to recreate the tests?

    • #455
      Becky AlderBecky Alder

      How can I add the desktop annotation tool?

    • #458
      Kerri HigginsKerri Higgins

      We are now unable to embed code from online resources such as quizlet or YouTube after updating ActivInspire to 2.3 on windows 7. A box wil load but nothing appears, any suggestions?

    • #459
      Carolyn MooreCarolyn Moore
    • #464
      Kerry KotzurKerry Kotzur

      When I writ on my Promethean board, my pen drags between letters and numbers.  Basically, the pen is still writing when I pick up the pen.

    • #465
      Cindy Oyer HeinigerCindy Oyer Heiniger

      I was looking at a flipchart on photosynthesis and liked the preview sample. When I clicked on purchase, the item never went to the cart. What do I need to do?

    • #468
      Natalie Soto-MehleNatalie Soto-Mehle

      The projector is on, but the light in the corner of the board is not. This means I can’t get the pen to respond. I have unplugged and started over.

    • #469
      Monica SheehanMonica Sheehan

      I have the basic tools on my toolbar and am unable to add more because the “layout” section after I find the settings section is missing. I previously was able to add the reveal tool and more colors, but all of a sudden, everything I add has disappeared.

    • #471
      Michele JonesMichele Jones

      I already have the Activeinspire professional edition installed on my old computer. I got a new computer and want to install the same program. How can I do that if I dont have access to my my serial number at this time?

    • #475

      I have installed linux mint 13 Maya 64-bit. Then I have installed
      Promethean for Ubuntu 12.04
      There is an icon and the active manager.
      But the programm won’t start.
      what’s the mistake?

    • #476
      William YuWilliam Yu
    • #481
      Gene CkGene Ck

      I’ve been using the board for two weeks with the same computer and first, everything was ok (board+sound etc, connected with USB cable + VGA cable).
      Then,one week ago, when I turned on the sound on the board, my computer froze + the pen wrote lines instead of letters.
      Now, another problem: the sound from my computer works on the board but the board says “no source found” and I can’t see the screen of my computer on the board. The computer says Activboard is active but nothing on the board. Moreover, my computer tends to freeze or be very slow when I connect it to the board.

    • #482
      Lynn T.Lynn T.

      I am trying to use my activotes with a flip chart. When I go to use the activotes, it says they are not registered. I have checked and they are registered. How do I get them to work?

    • #483
      Lisa CabralLisa Cabral

      I have a whole lot of flipcharts which I would like to be able to use on a Smartboard using a MacBook Air. Does anyone know how to convert them? Thanks.


    • #486
      angela marinangela marin
    • #487
      Paul AwtreyPaul Awtrey

      When using self paced on ActivExpression 2, the questions work fine until question 8/10. The ActivExpressions then start asking the same question over and over again. Retry wrong answers is not selected. This just started recently. All firmware and software are up to date- ActivExpressions, drivers, ActivHub firmware. Thoughts?

    • #494
      Katie Keller TonoreKatie Keller Tonore

      This is a new board – help. how do I get rid of the initial text box?

    • #496
      Julie ParsonsJulie Parsons

      Our students now have Chromebooks to use during class and at home. We have had Active Inspire for the past six years and I would like to be able to convert some of my flipcharts into Google slides (Google Presentation). If I can directly convert the flipchart to Google slides–great, but if not, can’t I convert a flipchart to a Power point? Then I can convert the power point to google slides so my kids can have it on their chromebooks.

    • #498
      Koby BremerKoby Bremer

      I have downloded a ready presentation that says Click on the Polk-a Dot and scratch off using your fade button but not sure what is the fade button. can you help?

    • #503
      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Promethean Webinar session

      Join us on our next webinar, where we will explore how ActivInspire can help you to gather essential evidence of pupil progress.

      Assessment is at the heart of every effective curriculum and is fundamental to
      good learning and teaching. It enables learners to recognise achievement and
      make progress. It allows teachers to evaluate their own practise enabling them
      to shape and adapt teaching to better meet needs of the class as individuals.

      In this session we will be
      taking a look at how various features of ActivInspire can be used to document
      student learning and in turn, provide evidence of progress. We will explore the
      various ways that this evidence can then be used to contribute to digital
      portfolio materials.

      Don’t miss out. Register

    • #504
      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Test integration

    • #510
      Tanya MasonTanya Mason

      BrainPop quizzes and active expression response systems

    • #518

      I have a new iPhone and just looked for the ClassFlow Student app in the Apple App Store, which I had downloaded to and used on my old iPhone, but the only CF app showing there is the Teacher one. Is it called by another name now?

    • #519
      Andrew CanningAndrew Canning

      I do not have a log in and user name in order to download resources onto my permeathean lap top. Can you help?

    • #529
      Carter EnglishCarter English

      Med en næsten ubegrænset vifte af design stilarter,
      materialer og fremstillingsmetoder, kan SouthWood
      tilpasse en bred vifte af tegn typer og stilarter skræddersyet til at passe til
      dine specifikke behov. Uanset om du har et særligt behov i tankerne eller ved
      hvilken løsning du ønsker skiltning til at give
      , kan vi hjælpe dig
      få ideer med produkter vi har lavet for andre med tilsvarende behov.


      Den største og mest permanent form for identifikation.


      En række relaterede tegn deler flere fælles træk.


      Skiltning tema til at komplimentere de omkringliggende
      byggede miljø.


      Direkte eller indirekte belysning kan opnås gennem en række
      forskellige applikationer.


      Tegn typer omfatter posten monumenter, skilte, regulering og


      Tegn typer omfatter lobbyen logoer, parkering dæk tegn,
      værelse navne og numre.


      Henhold til ADA Act er mange faciliteter forpligtet til at
      bruge taktile og Braille tegn.

      & Streetscape skiltning

      Tiltrækkende skiltning, der ikke mister synet af sin
      lovgivningsmæssige mission

      & logoer

      Brugerdefinerede udvendige og indvendige programmer kan
      oprettes fra en lang række materialer og metoder.

    • #530

      The flipchart is displayed completely, images, words, and all on the browser on the side. The actual flipchart only is displaying the background color. This is happening on several of my student’s presentations.

    • #531
      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi everyone, 

      We hope you all had a good Easter and as a belated Easter Egg, we have now released the new version of ActivInspire 2.4. 
      It can be downloaded from our Promethean Planet website here

    • #539
      Cynthia NealCynthia Neal

      I am brand new to this, so I don’t know what is in the realm of possibility and what is not. Right now I am thinking that everything is, and the only barrier is me! I am working with students on paragraph writing. I would like display sentences on the Promethean Board and having students move the sentences around in the paragraph in or to make the paragraph clearer and more effective. Is there a resource, mode or software that would allow me to do this?

    • #542
      Julie GrayJulie Gray

      My hard drive died and I had to reinstall my ActiveInspire. I only have the basic tools and want to customise my tool bar. I was supposed to go to edit/profiles, but there is no profiles in my edit menu.

    • #543
      nicola brookenicola brooke

      My file has saved as a temp file and I can’t open it. I’ve tried saving it as something else but it’s now only offering the option of saving as a temp file. Please could you speak to my husband (the file is on my computer at home) 01929 558284 I’m at school with none of my work! Please hurry

      Nicola Brooke

    • #544
      Mr ChemMr Chem

      I need to reset my password because I cannot log on to your site presumably because you no longer accept short passwords. There is no link at the site to do that, only to obtain a reminder for a forgotten password. Please direct me to a link to reset my password without logging on.

    • #545
      Vicky CarlsonVicky Carlson

      I am having a problem with a projector not turning on. I have searched forums and tried suggestions. I have tried to submit a tech support ticket with no reply. I have tried to call the folks we bought the board from with no reply. If this company still in business? Can anyone give me some suggestions?

    • #546
      Samuel Kelton LumerSamuel Kelton Lumer

      how do i use my activi pen to write on the microsoft application for the word office?

    • #547
      Samuel Kelton LumerSamuel Kelton Lumer

      How do i use the pens and colors on diffrent websites with the free version of activinspire?

    • #551
      Sharon MosleyRamseySharon MosleyRamsey
    • #553

      I can’t get activinspire download to open on the new computer

    • #557
      Natalie LaneNatalie Lane

      I need to delete myself from this account as it won’t let me open my new school one, and keeps reverting to a very old login.

    • #558
      Jessica SlaterJessica Slater

      My design mode button is missing. Any clues?

      Thanks in advance,Jessica

    • #559
      Jessica SlaterJessica Slater

      Any clues?

    • #563
      Tamara DavidsonTamara Davidson
    • #564
      Annette SakidovitchAnnette Sakidovitch

      I recently attached an Apple TV to project to my board wirelessly. The HDMI cable goes to the projector. However, I am not getting any sound from the Apple TV. Sound only comes from the USB cable on my computer.

      The model number for my board is ABV387PRO

    • #565
      Jennifer StrelserJennifer Strelser

      When using the count down clock there have always been a set of sounds I could choose from when the timer ended. Now the only choice I get is “no sound.” How can I get the list of animal sounds back?

    • #570

      I’ve got a brand new promethean active panel touch.
      I have installed the software and can use it on my laptop, but it is not displayed on the board

    • #571
    • #572
    • #574
      Loni GhiorsoLoni Ghiorso

      Class flow showed in the tool bar on 2.3, but went away when I went to 2.4. Running Mavericks on a Mac Book Pro

    • #584
      Inaam Al RayessInaam Al Rayess

      How can I download active inspire on my note3?

    • #585
      Tim MeadowsTim Meadows
    • #586

      How do I connect a Wii to the Promethean board?

    • #588
      Jessica WinkerJessica Winker
    • #594
      Ben RimesBen Rimes

      If students are using Activotes, and they submit an response, can they change the response before the poll is closed? If so, how?

    • #595
      Judy JohnsonJudy Johnson

      My ActivPanel Touch was working well until I downloaded Yosemite. Now the board and the computer do not recognize each other. In fact, from the control panel, it says there is no Promethean hardware connected to my computer. It says my hub name is valid and gives me a green light there.

      I have tried downloading and installing the newest driver; I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ActivInspire. I have tried leaving the board and computer off overnight.

      The ActivPanel Touch is APT-65. I am running the board with a MacBook.

    • #596


    • #597
      Trish BrajkovichTrish Brajkovich

      re case number 526561
      Was sent a zipped email last week containing details that would help me update my board and fix a problem. I have not received the email..

    • #600
      Laura P PrometheanLaura P Promethean
      Senior Moderator


    • #601
      Nicole AlvesNicole Alves

      Trying to use ActivExpresssions think i did the set up right but want to create a flipchart to test it out, got to that part in the manual and it said to go to activinspire webhelp to prepare question pages or slides and now I am lost HELPPP!

    • #604
      Darran hillDarran hill

      Smart Art animations on powerpoint do not work when imported to Activinspire flipcharts. Can these be made to work or will new slides need creating. we want to retain some animations as well as using question eggs.

    • #609
      Melford Reed JrMelford Reed Jr

      Are there any plans to possibly incorporate the ability of the Activtable to run (execute) flipcharts created by ActivInspire? What is the point of having the ActivInspire software installed on the Windows side of the table if you can’t utilize the flipcharts like the Promethean Interactive whiteboards can?

    • #611
      Brenna WarrellBrenna Warrell

      When my students go to select their group, which has their pictures, the
      groups names do not show up.  When I go to manage the groups, the
      current groups show up on the left, but instead of words, there are
      squares.  There are no pictures.  We are unable to change or see the
      groups.  I was able to add a group yesterday, and that group has not had
      a problem.  Before I delete all of the old groups and create new ones, I
      am wondering if there is a way to recover the old groups.  I also want
      to ensure that this problem will not occur again.  Thank you for your

    • #613

      I had full functionality, but crashed and trashed the computer. Now I cant find the way to reenter my registration code so that I can have full functionality.

    • #614
      Ward GriffinWard Griffin

      Install shield wizard is trying to install

    • #615

      the box that appears, when you click out of promethean, asking if you want to save or don’t save, disappears before i can click save

    • #617
      Cherie PhinneyCherie Phinney

      I updated to the newest version of active inspire for my classroom, which has the classflow option, but I can no longer use my dual user function. When I attempt to use the dual user function it states: Dual User requires an update available for Promethean Activboards only.

      Please contact Promethean or your nearest Promethean reseller for your upgrade options.

      I have always used the dual user function on my board and have tried everything I can think of to solve my problem. Please help!!

    • #619
      Donna ThaggardDonna Thaggard

      I used to be able to change objects and drawings I had added to a flipchart by clicking on the object and had the option to resize, or group or change the transparency, etc of the object. Now if I click on an object the only option is to turn the item. I have updated to the most currect version of Inspire, but was having this problem before the update. I thought the update might fix the problem, but no such luck.

      Thanks for any suggestions.

    • #620
      Suzanne OrchardSuzanne Orchard

      Reference 523467

      Hi Paul
      I have a new MAC Air. My operating system is Yosemite 10.10.3. My work such as flipcharts is always on the hard drive. I have Promethean 5.10.15. I have latest version of Active Inspire on, which has Class Flow mentioned in top of right hand area of board but it isn’t connected. My board is Active Board 500 and projector I am pretty sure is EST-P1.
      What do you suggest?

    • #621
      Wendy SegerWendy Seger

      The ActivPen will display the menu when it touches the board and you have to R-click in order to write or move anything.  It seems the roles are reversed in the Pen

    • #622
      Brian FlanaganBrian Flanagan

      When my computer was updated to Windows 7 I lost a lot of my data. But what I miss the most is all the info in my resource browser. I originally had downloaded a single file which had a huge assortment of general resources (pictures, borders, shapes, maps, sounds, etc.) with lesson material for many grade levels on all sorts of subjects, and I now cannot find it anywhere. Does something like this still exist? Thanks, Brian

    • #623
      Julius DJulius D

      I am purchasing a new laptop for our promethean board but as I looked I saw that most of the laptops have HDMI…our promethean has a VGA cable…can I just get a converter to hook it up…what kind? HDMI to VGA I’m thinking?

    • #624
      Janis SchweizerJanis Schweizer

      I cannot delete old flipcharts. Many are obsolete and just renaming them means they are still taking up space. Any help will be appreciated.

    • #625
      Wendy BougouneauWendy Bougouneau
    • #628
      Anna LovingAnna Loving
    • #631
      Daniel MaciasDaniel Macias

      I dropped my pen for my promethean board and now no longer works. Anything I can try in order to make it function again? My other pens work ,just not the one I dropped. WE just got the board!

    • #632
      Brenda ZollerBrenda Zoller

      There used to be a bar that contained My Content. These are things that I had placed in folders. How do I find it.

    • #635
      Teagan FoleyTeagan Foley

      red boxes are now around all hidden text & images. I tried deleting one and recreating it, but the boxes appear as soon as I hit “apply”. I opened another file and they are on those as well. AND the hidden texts will not longer hide.

    • #637
      Cara BergeronCara Bergeron

      When registering my activotes with activInspire only one button blinks when I hold the middle button down. They won’t register…help!!

    • #640
      Ronnoe J FetalverRonnoe J Fetalver

      no icon of activboard on the systemtray

    • #641
    • #642
      Taranjeet KaurTaranjeet Kaur

      I am a LTO and had been using the other teacher’s calendar and the morning group time stuff. I want to know how to make calendar and the morning message on the promethean board?

    • #646
      Kasandra McDanielKasandra McDaniel

      How do I get sound to play through my Promethean board when connected to the xBox 360 hdmi port?

    • #647
      Connee BConnee B

      I want to use clickers in my class to answer quizzes. I made a quiz, pressed ‘Done’ and can not find anywhere. Where is the save button? How to save directions? HELP!

    • #654
      Ict CruzeiroIct Cruzeiro

      Incredible!! We have a network of 6 computers. We created a flipchart with containers. It works well in five of the computers, but mine. I get an object, put it into the container, it fits, but when I try to get it back to the original position, it simply won´t return. It gets stuck into the container.
      Please help!

    • #659
      Liesel SimpsonLiesel Simpson

      When I left a previous school I converted all of my flipcharts to .iwb files. 
      My new school does have active inspire, however I cannot open any of my iwb files. I have tried everything. I am working with a MacBook Pro

      Could you please give me some advice. I would hate to lose all of my work


    • #660
      Michelle SimonsonMichelle Simonson

      Having Trouble downloading Promethean Planet on my apple computer

    • #661
      Michelle SimonsonMichelle Simonson

      My apple computer is not accepting software. It is os10.9

    • #662
      Sam WalkerSam Walker

      Need to order replacement pens that have been dropped and need to know what pen goes with my particular board

    • #664

      A user has requested that two media files currently embedded in a flipchart be extracted and burned to CD. How can I extract them?

    • #667
      Anna KAnna K

      If i download activinspire personal edition onto my computer, so that I can create a flipchart for an interview lesson, if I save it and email it or trnasfer it on a usb key will i be able to open it if the school already has the professional edition? I cant ask for the “key for the professional edition” as I dont work there. I have used activinspire a lot in the past but as I’m not currently based in a school I cant access the professional version. Basically can I make a flipchart in personal then open it in a different location which uses professional?

    • #668
      Jackie LangeJackie Lange

      Hi There,
      I have a new MacBookAir (my first Mac) and am having trouble launching Activinspire. The message I get is to connect to an active hub. I’ve connected to my board but still received this message.

    • #669
      Danielle PearseDanielle Pearse
    • #672
      Suzi-Jayne AndersonSuzi-Jayne Anderson

      I cant download active inspire on my mac

    • #673
      Jacqui PintoJacqui Pinto

      I am working on a flip chart that the kids have to choose a letter to complete the word.
      I would like the kids to do it in groups. They can change the page and when it comes to the end I have the icon that goes back to the first page. I would like it to reset when it goes back to the first page.
      Thank you for any help you can provide

    • #674
      Ronald SchottRonald Schott

      Good morning Tech Support.

      I’ve just created an account. My school district said I needed to convert SMART Notebook files over to Promethean ActivInspire. I followed a previous FAQ to click on ActivInspire, dashboard, import from SMART, find file and import. However, when I click on ActivInspire.mpkg, a pop-up states that I cannot open the file because it is from an unidentified developer. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

    • #675

      Why ActivInspire do not have a go to button to flip easily throughout the pages in the flipcharts?

    • #678
      Joe PelusoJoe Peluso

      I have some pages printed for the quick start guide but am missing pages 1-10. The footnote at the bottom of the pages shows “TP1705EN Activexpression Quick Start Guide”

    • #679
      Michael JennerMichael Jenner

      Is it possible to set up short cuts for picking colors? 

      To speed up the process of preparing boards I would like to be able to quickly pick different colors. When I’m at the ActivBoard it’s not an issue, but when preparing boards on the PC with a Wacom tablet and pen it would be great to have shortcuts for colors. 

      Kind regards,

    • #681
      Donna ShahDonna Shah
    • #685
      Vicky O'SullivanVicky O’Sullivan

      My pen is not working. I think I need to download activdriver. I have tried but It says needs x86????
      I don’t know what this means but presume my laptop will not support this version. HELP

    • #688
      James DubanJames Duban

      – Is there a mobile app available to view ActivInspire flipcharts?
      – If no mobile app, how about a ActivInspire flipchart viewer for PC or Mac?

      I’m looking for options to allow my students to view our class flipcharts (outside of ‘Print’ – ‘Export to .PDF’). I’d like them to able to view the flipchart I produce, to include clicking on link shortcuts. Thanks!

    • #697

      Flipchart has just shut down on me, reopened but all my saved profiles have reverted back to default settings, any way of importing saved profiles?

    • #701
      Polly O'NealPolly O’Neal

      I have a professional license and have downloaded it on my home computer. It closed and when I click on the icon to open it, it will not open. Even when I go into programs, I can’t open it, What do I need to do? There are now 2 icons on my desk top for express poll and I don’t even know what they are for. Thank you!

    • #712

      I recently received a new computer from my district with a newer version of Activinspire. There used to be a subject folder which had lots of different choices of pictures within the Shared Resources folder (had pictures of people, animals, folders for the different math subjects, and more. I can’t find that folder on my current version. How can I get that? I like to add things to my flipcharts to make them more appealing to my students.

      Elizabeth Taylor

    • #713
      Susan JacobsenSusan Jacobsen

      I get this errormessage every time I want to use the math equation: Missing expected folder or files C:/program files(x86)/Activ Software/Inspire/Java
      How do I get files into the Java-folder?

    • #715
      Noel HNoel H

      Dual User Mode: Requests more than questions, because I do not believe the features are available.

      1) Could you add the feature of rolling the toolbar up to the dual user toolbar – just as we can with the main toolbar?

      I create highly graphic flipcharts that have their own objects with the corresponding toolbar actions assigned to them (to keep with the look) and roll the main toolbar up, but since we always have two at the board, the dual user toolbar is always “out.”

      2.) Is there a way (perhaps I just haven’t played around enough connected to my board) to assign actions that control the 2nd pen? If an object has an action assigned to it (instead of using the toolbars) can both/either pen interact with the object and the action will work?

      2.) Is there an update on being allowed to make the default tool for the dual user – the select arrow, rather than the pen? Another user posted a question 5 months ago about this.

      Completely unrelated to dual user; while I am familiar and comfortable using custom/other choices for the flipchart size, in the future could you please consider adding a feature to save our custom sizes? Right now I have to instruct the teachers through several menus/clicks or teach them to create a “template” flipchart. Those that are tech savvy have no issues, those who just want to make the flipchart, get frustrated by “so many” initial steps to get started.

      The “problem” presented itself when our campus technology was upgraded and everything is now widescreen. With multiple users at the board there is no reason to not take advantage of the full screen width, but the teachers have to “custom” size every flipchart.

    • #717
      jose tendillajose tendilla

      installed new bulb. after turning it on it blinks [green ] fan starts and cuts off in half to a minute time .

    • #721
      Steve ShaperoSteve Shapero

      I am on page 1 of a flipchart. Say I want to give an option go directly to page 6 (or mark page 6 with a label). Is there a way I can create an action to skip directly to that label (or to page 6)? And if there is no label option, will ActivInspire be smart enough to know that page 6 becomes page 7 if I ever add another page before page 6?

    • #722
      Jessica MckinneyJessica Mckinney

      I have a Macbook. I can not open the resource pack. A message pop ups and says I have to have an application to open it. Can anyone help me?

    • #726
      Jadon SacayananJadon Sacayanan
    • #727
      Steve ShaperoSteve Shapero

      I’ve been playing around with linking other flipcharts when I click an object. Problem is, the drives are different between my home and workplace, so to diagnose the problem further, I want to capture the link ActivInspire sees. I’ve done this before (by accident) but I don’t know what I did. What happened was I did some kind of action and the text showed up on the flipchart itself. How do I do this again?

    • #729

      We have several models of Prometheans throughout the school. All have DVD/VCRs connected to convert the RF feed (schoolwide cable or live TV) to digital video. The DVD/VCRs are connected via RCA cables. I’m having an issue with one board. There is video but no sound. If I play a video from the connected PC, there is sound, so I tried a different VCR and different RCA cables. Still no sound. Other suggestions?

    • #730
      Holly RobertsHolly Roberts

      Our teachers have been issued MacBooks and I cannot get Activ Inspire to work on them. Can you help? I need some code…I think

    • #734

      I have downloaded the incorrect version. I do not want activinspire primary. How do I download the correct version? I have tried deleting, comes back tp primary

    • #736
    • #745
      Jennifer GableJennifer Gable

      the font and icons for tool bar are extremely small. Yet other programs have large fonts. How can I fix this issue? thanks,

    • #747
      Mitzi LampoMitzi Lampo

      I created some flip with video files saved on one computer.
      I saved everything to a flash drive, and I brought it to another computer, but it will not play; I receive an error saying it cannot find the file. It is looking for the file link on computer number one. I need to re-link it and embed it in the flip chart.

      How do I find the insert link file dialogue box after file has been linked to a flip chart page.

    • #749
      Mitzi LampoMitzi Lampo

      I created some flip with video files saved on one computer.
      I saved everything to a flash drive, and I brought it to another computer, but it will not play; I receive an error saying it cannot find the file. It is looking for the file link on computer number one. I need to re-link it and embed it in the flip chart.

      How do I find the insert link file dialogue box after file has been linked to a flip chart page.

    • #751
      Rebecca MurrayRebecca Murray

      I am receiving an error message when trying to import a PowerPoint file. It says the file extension cannot be found. It will only allow me to look for extension (*.ppt*).

    • #756
      Sarah LeivianSarah Leivian

      I have an activslate and I use dual screens. (A laptop docked that is connected to a monitor.) I had it associated with one screen, but I readjusted which shows the projector and now I can’t find how to readjust which screen my pen associates with.

      Basically – My pen associates with my laptop screen but my projector is showing my external screen and I need to get the pen to work on the external screen.

    • #759
      Ana BarriosAna Barrios

      The projector is now projecting the entire screen to the board. It seems like what is appearing on the screen is in “wide screen” because there is a thick line blocked off at the top and bottom and on each side. How can the projector project the entire screen?

    • #761
      Doug YoungDoug Young

      Just moved into a new classroom. Board is mounted to wall. Pen won’t work. Tried calibrating and it won’t click on anything (the crosses). Tried unplugging and restarting computer and board, didn’t work. Can’t unplug anything from back of board because it’s mounted to the wall. HELP!

    • #765

      I downloaded Active inspire on my home computer. It is on an icon on my desk top, but I also want to put it on my lap top so that I can use it on the Promethean board at school. How do I do that? I used the number on the back of the screen to acquire the professional version so that I could work at home.

    • #766

      Please just answer the question.

    • #767
    • #771

      My line spacing has somehow changed to double spacing. I cannot find the tool for changing this.

    • #774
      Dawn BickDawn Bick

      I am installing ActivInspire on a new computer and it asks for an Activation Key. I tried entering the product code and serial number but I only got the option to use Personal or buy. Please tell me where to find the Activation Key.
      Dawn Bick

    • #775
      Rob WhiteheadRob Whitehead

      I installed the old version 1.7 of ActivInspire on my home laptop but was unable to upgrade to the professional version with the activation key from my school computer (one is a Dell, the other a Mac). So, I unistalled the whole program on my home computer and now I am unable to install any version of ActivInspire. We use very many of your boards in my school system. Please advise.

    • #777
      Dave PostDave Post

      Why when I download a flipchart from Promethean Planet it forces me to open it with ActiveMonitor which doesn’t allow me to view the material at all?

    • #778

      Error: Safari can’t open the file “digestive system_20140625043622.flipchart” because no available application can open it. This error appears after downloading a file. Please advise!

    • #783
      Angala FrerichsAngala Frerichs

      I tried changing the https to http as I read in another thread but that didn’t help. I took the beginning and ending bracket so you could see the text

    • #785

      I’ve been happily using ActivStudio for the past 8 years. This summer we received new school computers (along with updated software). I am now using ActivInspire.

      One thing is making me CRAZY. Is Inspire suppose to undo your Zoom when you use Activotes? The old ActivStudio software did not do this.

      Here is why it matters to me. I sometimes scan in a workbook page that the class is doing. I’ll zoom in on a question that the kids are working on. To check to see if the class understands the problem, I’ll write a few multiple choice responses next to the problem and do an “Ad Hoc” activote session.

      This worked beautifully in Activstudio, but when I try to do this in Inspire, the screen zooms back out as soon as I select the Activotes. The class then starts calling out, “What was A?” “I can’t see the choices.” “Where did the questions go?” It’s very frustrating!

      Does anyone know if this is suppose to happen in Inspire, or am I just dealing with some sort of glitch? Is there is a way to fix this in Inspire? If so, PLEASE help. Thanks a bunch!

    • #789

      My board powers on and I hear sound but I don’t see anything. I have a red flame and my power button on the projector is orange. I was not familiar with this board but given a box of cords and told they go to the board. Apparently there was an extra power cord in there that didn’t belong and I plugged it into the VGA converter. It caused my monitor to stop working but my CPU works fine. Did I destroy my board? I don’t know if it worked before I got there.

    • #795
      Nina WhalenNina Whalen

      what do the flame colors mean, after calibrating board, flame at the left top of board flashes, green,read,yellow,blue stops blinking but the pen is not calibrated and the pen jumps all over the board

    • #801
      Trisha FosTrisha Fos

      http://www.prometheanplanet.com/en-us/professional-development/activlearning/online-courses/intro-to-activinspire-online-course-free.aspx This link does not work anymore to train our student teachers at our school. We used to require that they get a certificate to print out and turn in after taking the course. Do you still offer this option?
      Thanks for your help.

    • #802
      Trisha FosTrisha Fos

      http://www.prometheanplanet.com/en-us/professional-development/activlearning/online-courses/intro-to-activinspire-online-course-free.aspx This link does not work anymore to train our student teachers at our school. We used to require that they get a certificate to print out and turn in after taking the course. Do you still offer this option?
      Thanks for your help.

    • #807
      Karen OttKaren Ott

      I received a new Lenovo Thinkpad at school with Activinispire preloaded. The problem is that this software does not have the desktop annotate option as did my old desktop version. Can this be fixed? Being honest here: That is the most important part of my lessons…being able to annotate over textbooks, maps, charts, etc. from our math curriculum. Without it, I have no reason to use the Promethean.


    • #808
      Onur KalafatOnur Kalafat
    • #812
      Vance WoodsVance Woods

      PRM-35 projector is mounted tightly to the overhead arm but the projection vibrates slightly but enough to make it difficult to look at for an extended amount of time

    • #814
      Leslie NalepaLeslie Nalepa
    • #815
      Judy LapeyrouseJudy Lapeyrouse

      While installing ActivInspire software, I encountered the message
      ActivDriver v5.4.7Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component
      I have retried four times with the same result. please help! This software has successfully loaded on other computers at our school.

    • #819

      I am trying to register my activotes and I am getting the message “Your present hardware and software combination is not permitted for this country.” Please help. I am using ActivStudio 3.7.19


    • #822
      Cj LevineCj Levine

      How can I have my macbook pro display match that of the Promethean? What resolution is ideal? The options I have (1280 x 800 or 1024 x 640) all cut off the bottom 3/4 inch or so of my screen and edges.

    • #823
      Bowers ChristinaBowers Christina

      I was recently updated to the 2.4 version of active inspire and unlike in the earlier version I can no longer find the import pdf tab. Under import, the only options are smart file or smart board.

    • #825
      Mary EisseleMary Eissele

      I am trying to register my ActivSlate 60 to my laptop. I have installed the ActivDriver and my laptop shows the ActivManager is working. When I connect the slate to the laptop through the USB port it says 1 device found, but when I try to register it in ActivInspire, the ActivSlate does not appear as an option. I have downloaded all recent updates.

    • #827
      Rita LaneRita Lane
    • #828
      Rita LaneRita Lane
    • #829
      Tracy SimmonsTracy Simmons

      Downloaded software. Went through Install Wizard. No desktop icon. ActiveInspire not in program list. How do I access this program? Using a Windows machine.

    • #830
      Susi ForsansSusi Forsans

      Can I open a Windows ActivInspire .flipchart file using a Mac version of ActivInspire? Or do I need to convert a .flipchart file created under Windows to .flipchart for Mac? Thank you.

    • #831
      Kevin WebbKevin Webb

      I just completed the board installation but the manual doesn’t instruct you on getting the software or how to operate the system. I need a manual.

    • #832
      Jen RichardsJen Richards

      I have the new version of the board that is a white board surface. It does not have a light in the corner, so I do not know how to calibrate the board properly.

    • #836
      Trish ForemanTrish Foreman

      How can I turn the menu bar back on? When I go to the dashboard to do configure to fix this, as it said to do in a youtube video, the necessary choices are not present on the configure screen.

    • #837
      Erica LewisErica Lewis

      My projector was on and we heard a loud pop sound and smoke came out of projector. Any help or suggestions

    • #840
      Paul HullingerPaul Hullinger

      looks like snow. The word Promethean is displayed behind the image, looks similar to CRT burn in. The “snow” is white on the blue Windows login screen. Black specks appear on a white display. I’ve tried blowing dust out using compressed air and tried a different bulb with no improvement.

    • #846
      Peete HerstastnyPeete Herstastny

      My pen keeps selecting everything even when the pen tool is selected. When I use my mouse directly on my computer the pen works, but it doesn’t on the IWB.

      How can I resolve this problem?

    • #848
      Anne SextonAnne Sexton

      At home, when I open a flipchart I created at school, the text does not appear correctly. It looks like a bunch of lines across the screen. When I click on it, it fixes the problem but I can’t do this for EVERY flipchart I have ever made. I have never had this problem before but I have a new computer at home that has Windows 10 so I wonder if that is part of the problem. Help!

    • #851
    • #855
      Liz ScottLiz Scott

      I have Active inspire on my laptop but need to download it onto my MacBok Air. How do I do that? Do I need any information from school to download it?

    • #858
      Cheryl PlummerCheryl Plummer

      I am new to this version of the software and I cannot figure out why all of the technical support videos and manuals show a full color palette and I only have these 8 colors. How do I add colors or change the palette?

    • #861
      Jennifer WinstonJennifer Winston

      My pens will not work on the Promethean Board. However, I can utilize my tool bar by way of the mouse and not the pens (teacher and student pens).

    • #862
      Susan LeeSusan Lee

      I have updated the latest version and discover that there are quite a few function missing. “drag and copy” function is one of my most frequently used tool, but it went missing

    • #863
      Alex BuchananAlex Buchanan

      I want to make a link from my flipchart to another different set of flipcharts but I want to link to one specific page. Is this possible?

    • #865
      Arif Ali HayatArif Ali Hayat

      calibration icon is not showing

    • #866
    • #867

      My pen has become sluggish. It doesn’t keep up with me while I’m writing. When it does catch up, it draws random lines on the board.

    • #868
    • #869
      Lewis NaegerLewis Naeger

      I read and watched videos about integrating ActivExpressions with BrainPop. However, I cannot find the link to download the flashbridge needed for this to work.

    • #870
      Bob MorcomBob Morcom

      Using Active Studio, when I go to use T/F, Y/N etc it just says no Activhub hardware connected?

    • #872
      Sue XiongSue Xiong

      I’m trying to use the camera to do a camera snapshot to capture image for my slide but when I try to, the image becomes extremely zoomed out and I’m struggling to figure out how to fix this? Help please 🙂

    • #874
      Isaac HowsonIsaac Howson

      My promethean projector displays the image from my laptop larger than the size of my promethean white board. It is true regardless of the input. I cannot correctly calibrate or ever access my taskbar to change between programs. I have tried all buttons and options from the remote and nothing solves the issue. How can I fix this?

    • #881

      When linking a website to a flipchart page it opens in Internet Explorer, is there a way to change this the link opens in chrome or Firefox?

    • #884
      Barry McNeillBarry McNeill
    • #886
      Gail MillerGail Miller

      I recently downloaded ActiveInspire on a new HP laptop. When I open any flipchart, the text boxes are not large enough to see all of the text. So I have to edit every text box. Is there a setting within ActiveInspire that is causing this to happen? Or possibly a setting on the laptop itself? Thank you!

    • #891
      Michele Lynn LloydMichele Lynn Lloyd

      I have downloaded Activinspire and I have a shortcut on my desktop but each time I click on it, it starts to open but then disappears. What have I done wrong?

    • #894
      David CruzDavid Cruz

      The recycle bin has disappeared from my activeboard presentations. How do I get it back?

    • #897
      Rebecca NelsonRebecca Nelson

      My students have tablets, i went to the play store to look for classflow for students to download but it is not listed? What does the icon look like?

    • #900
      helen dupreehelen dupree
    • #902
      Elaine MillerElaine Miller

      I connected my laptop to the promethean board with the vga cable and usb cable. The promethean board is not communicating with the laptop-it says “source not found”

    • #903
      Ema LouiseEma Louise

      I can not find the link to download the active inspire software on my mac.
      I have downloaded the resource pack but this is saying i need a connection to a board?

    • #912
    • #914
      AEL HighAEL High
    • #916
      Immy BurnsImmy Burns

      I don’t want to see the pen image at the end of the line I am writing. How do I remove that image as it is annoying.

    • #917
      Daniel BurgessDaniel Burgess

      I have recently taken over IT support for three Primary schools and need to find out what licenses they have for Activinspire. They do have a mixture of Promethean and Smart interactive white boards. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • #918

      I’m trying to register a copy of ActivInspire Professional Edition on a new computer. When I choose Help > About and then Register I get to the registration screen but I cannot register becaue it will not let me click the OK button (it is greyed out). The OK button is still not active even when I have entered my school’s registration details. Help!

    • #920
      Colloboss WarnosColloboss Warnos

      I have downloaded the free version but when I try to extract the file it asks for a password, I’ve tried using the one I registered with but it doesn’t work.

    • #921
      Colloboss WarnosColloboss Warnos

      I have downloaded the free version but when I try to extract the file it asks for a password

    • #922
      Colloboss WarnosColloboss Warnos

      I have downloaded the free version but when I try to extract the file it asks for a password

    • #924
      Ryan McKeonRyan McKeon

      Hi, help please!
      I am at home and do not have my activinspire codes (serial number etc) is there a way to get the software so I can make lessons?

      It took forever to get the right remote to turn on the board… Now I can make interactive lessons. Using keynote. boo

    • #925
      Lisa ReddochLisa Reddoch

      I am unable to see a design button on my home version. Is there another way to find a design button?

    • #927
      Malcolm SandersMalcolm Sanders

      I have several activexpressions with dead. After changing the batteries they still wont power on

    • #928
      Jonathan GarciaJonathan Garcia

      Before I go any further, no there isn’t a file option that I can go to. There’s nothing at the top for me to select. And I’ve seen a youtube video where I’m supposed to go into the configuration option in the dashboard, but the necessary link isn’t in there. How can I get my menu bar back? I’ve even tried uninstalling ActivInspire and reinstalling, but no luck!

    • #934
      Lanette GleasonLanette Gleason

      I am now running OS X, Version 10.10.5. I installed the newest version of ActivInspire, which I was unable to do on my old computer, and also the newest version of the ActivDriver. I also have tried unplugging everything and then turning it back on. The light on my board recognizes my pen as it tries to let me calibrate, but the board does not react when I touch my pen to it.

    • #935
      Brad SavageBrad Savage

      We have a couple hundred Promethean Boards in our school district that we purchased several years ago. They have been working fine. We had to purchase 2 more a couple years ago. Our original model was not available, so we got the model PRM-AB378-02. Problem is, none of our pens will work on those 2 boards. All the other pens work fine on the previous model. Any suggestions? Should any Promethean Pen work on this model? The 2 boards in question are not in warranty anymore, so hoping to get this resolved without much cost. Our computers are Macs. In the control panel, it shows the driver version is 5.11.7, firmware is v8.04 Build 4, connection is USB.

    • #937
      Michele NapierMichele Napier

      In a self paced question set using active expression 2 devices, my students can only answer one question and when they hit send the promethean guy shows on their screen and they can’t get to the next question. Please help.

    • #938
      Josh CalvinJosh Calvin
    • #947
      Sarah AldermanSarah Alderman

      I run a MacBook Air at home and would like to be able to create lessons for use at school on Promethean Board. Can I install a compatible version?

    • #952
      Liz YuenLiz Yuen

      I can’t open the file active inspire.mpkg it says its from an unidentified developer

    • #958
      Neil ShawNeil Shaw
    • #960
      Kristin WoodKristin Wood
    • #967
      Eduards RitumsEduards Ritums

      Two boards:

      1. 500 series board paired with an EST-P1 projector and connected to a Dell Latitude E6510 mobile PC. Neither board nor PC displays images at the full width it is capable of: both have black stripes down their left and right edges.

      2. Touch 88 board, UST-P1 projector, Dell Latitude E5510. The images appear to be correct until calibrating, when the calibration circles appear as circles stretched vertically (ellipses taller than they are wide). An older Dell D830 with native resolution 1920×1200 displays the circles as circles on this board/projector. Do board ratio and native resolution always have to agree in this way?

      Thanks in advance for advice.

    • #975
      Faith BehrendFaith Behrend

      Why do I get, there was an error loading page and has been replaced with a blank page. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Activinspire. This has happened adding pages to flipcharts that are used regularly, and when I try and create new flipcharts.

    • #976
      Lori ChristensenLori Christensen

      Flip chart activote quiz keeps asking for active expression devices. I have the old activote devices. Is there a way for it to use them instead of active expression?

    • #978
      Ted ClementsTed Clements


    • #979
      Tracy BehrnsTracy Behrns
    • #980
      Carolyn GranthamCarolyn Grantham
    • #981
      Tracy BehrnsTracy Behrns
    • #985
      Tracy BehrnsTracy Behrns

      I asked a question earlier today about where the reset page button was and got a response to my question, but I seem to be missing some buttons on the main tool box. I don’t have the reset page button, text button, or the shape drawing tool. Is there something I can do to get these buttons or what may be the problem? The top of my ActivInspire page says ActivInspire – Studio, does that have something to do with it?

    • #986
      Tracy BehrnsTracy Behrns

      I just upgraded from Studio to ActivInspire at the beginning of this school year. I only have a limited amount of math tools. I only have the ruler, set square, and protractor. When I had studio, I used to have a calculator, dice roller, and the ability to make a graph. Is there a reason I don’t have access to these things now? Would this be related to why I can’t find the reset page button, text button, or shape/line drawing tool on the main tool box either? I would like to use ActivInspire to make some new flipcharts, but I seem to be missing some useful tools I am used to having. Any suggestions?

    • #988
      Tricia BenkertTricia Benkert

      I have a promethean active slate and my hub is not recognizing it to add as a device

    • #989
      Lanette GleasonLanette Gleason

      While writing on my board, it all of a sudden switches everything I’ve written to text. This happens several times a day. It really messes up the math problems that I’m teaching because it does not turn to text accurately.
      How do I get this to stop?? It has been happening since mid-last year.

      My Mac operating system is 10.10.5 and I have recently upgraded to the newest version of ActivInspire and ActivDriver. My board serial # is C1010250465 and my Product code is ABV387PRO.

      Thanks, in advance, for your help!!

    • #990
      Virginia MiceliVirginia Miceli

      I just showed my special education students the slide show on Columbus. There are 2 spelling errors and 1 grammar error. This is bad for this to be associated with your “name.” Thought you should know.

    • #1003

      Hi, I just tried Classflow. From what I understand, in order to have the students draw, move and manipulate in classflow, you need to click “Creative” on the polling option. How do you do this within Inspire since that isn’t a choice.

      PS: I’ve tried importing a flipchart into Classflow as a work-around, but the flipchart doesn’t import properly. Only the first page or two seem to make it out of a 12 page flipchart.

    • #1004

      Hi, I tried Classflow the other day. On the Express Polling, I had to select “ActivExpression” in order to get the Classflow polling to work. Today, I wanted to go back to the Activotes with my class. I changed the little “bulls-eye” back to Activotes, but when I tried to use them, it said they weren’t registered. I went to the registration area, and it says I’ve got 22 activotes registered. When I try to assign devices to students, it again says I have 0 devices registered.

      I’m thinking I’ll need to delete the 22 registered devices and then re-register the Activotes. My question is, will I need to do this every time I want to switch from Classflow to Activotes?


    • #1005

      If I do an activity at the Classflow website, I can choose “My Class” and when my students log in, they just need to click their name.

      Is this possible to do when using Classflow through ActivInspire? If so, please let me know how. Thank you very much.

    • #1010
      Dawn TupperDawn Tupper

      I have a new activtable today. I want to make the games where they will somehow notify students when they pick a wrong answer. Is this possible?

    • #1012
      Lee MasonLee Mason

      I have an older model slate (doesn’t work with hub) and a newer model board. I can’t seem to register the slate to the board. The board doesn’t even show up on the Dashboard when I go to Configure even though it is connected. Any ideas?

    • #1014
      Terry GroceTerry Groce

      I am trying to calibrate but my pen is not being recognized by the LED calibration area at the top right of the screen. I saw in previous posts that someone was having the same problem I am having, but there was no resolution. They suggested that the person reinstall an updated driver, but that didn’t work.

    • #1015

      I am unable to save downloaded resource packs on my Mac. It seems to download but when I try to open it or save it, I get a message that says there is no application to open this file. What can I do?

    • #1020
      Sunday BurgerSunday Burger

      I am completely new to Promethean Board and I need help thanks!

    • #1021
      Really PoppyReally Poppy

      I have a general issue with some of the default settings but this one is seriously annoying…

      Is there any way of changing the default Transparent colour? When I bring in a picture and want to make the white background transparent, the default Transparent colour is bright pink, which I never need and I have to change it for ever single picture which is really annoying!!!

    • #1022

      I would like to see a video demonstrating how to create my own flipcharts. I go to resource browser and see all of the things that I can put into a flipchart but have no idea how to create. Is there a place I can see this?

    • #1025
    • #1027
      Lanette GleasonLanette Gleason

      My Board is changing to text without me wanting it to do that. I teach math and changing to text in the middle of a problem really messes up what I am trying to do.

      I am using the most recent ActivInspire Software and ActivDriver. I am using a Mac OS X Yosemite, Version 10.10.5. My Product Code for the board is ABV387PRO and the Serial # is C1010250465.

      I’ve been having this problem all year and it doesn’t matter which pen I use. Sometimes it doesn’t actually change, but acts like it is going to.

      Thanks for any help you can give me to get this problem resolved.

    • #1030
    • #1034

      Voters had corroded batteries and do not work with fresh batteries? Any hope to repair?

    • #1036
      Laura CLaura C

      We have released ActivDriver version 5.12.16 for Windows (including Windows 10) and Mac OS X (10.8-10.11). ActivDriver can be downloaded from Promethean Planet or from the Promethean Knowledge Base.

      Please ensure you uninstall any previous version of ActivDriver from your computer before installing this update.

    • #1040
      Erica GoodmanErica Goodman

      I am trying to download the free Active Inspire to my Mac and after it’s downloaded I’m getting an error message from Adobe Flash saying that I have the most current version of Adobe for my computer. Is that preventing me from the full download?

    • #1041

      I have a new MacBook Air (Early 2015) and some Promethean 387 Pro ActivBoards that will not connect. If I inserte an active USB hub between the board and the computer it works – but not if I connect with a single USB cable. What is going on? I tried with activdriver  5.11.7 and 5.12.16 and got the same result.

    • #1047

      Trying to load software. It creates a file
      Which application do I use with ActivInspire+v2.4.66096+USA.dmg.part?

      When I click on ActivInspire+v2.4.66096+USA.dmg.part it directs me to Application Store but does not identify which application I need to open ActivInspire.

    • #1050
      Christie McComasChristie McComas

      When I try to open my Activinspire it will bring up the the screen where the flame fills up and it usually brings up the dashboard. As soon as the flame fills up it disappears and nothing shows up anywhere. The Program is not pulling up.

    • #1052
      Donna CardonDonna Cardon

      I tried to register, but no matter what I put in (even a string of random numbers) it said the user name is already taken. Is there any way to register?

    • #1058

      I recently updated the ActiveInspire software and now my flipcharts will not open/load.

      Any idea on how to correct this?

    • #1065
      Mary CookseyMary Cooksey
    • #1069
      Kathy DonahoeKathy Donahoe

      Board connected to ActivHub will not calibrate. All software up to date, board is reading hub, pen works but no calibration.

    • #1071
      Mae JohnsonMae Johnson


    • #1072
      Patricia ReynoldsPatricia Reynolds
    • #1080
      Eugene FerrisEugene Ferris

      Permanente’s South Sacramento Medical Center
      has been verified by the
      American College of Surgeons as a Level II trauma center.

      The center got provisional
      verification by the group last year so it could begin operations, but the
      process requires reviewers to evaluate the program after it is up and running.

      Reviewers conducted another
      on-site review in March to evaluate trauma center staff, equipment and other
      resources to make sure they meet national standards. Full verification will be
      in effect until 2013.

      Since opening Aug. 1, the new South Sacramento
      trauma center
      has treated an average of 150 patients per month.

      “We are extremely proud that the
      American College of Surgeons has verified that our program meets their
      stringent standards,” Dr.
      Richard Isaacs
      , physician-in-chief
      at Kaiser Permanente South

      Sacramento, said in a press
      release. “We have an excellent staff here and we are committed to caring for
      some of the area’s most critically injured patients.”

      The South Sacramento hospital
      serves an area from Interstate 5 east to Rancho Cordova, and from Florin Road
      south to the San Joaquin County line.

      The trauma center is a first for
      Kaiser Permanente nationwide.

    • #1082
      Jab CurJab Cur

      Each time I try to open a flipchart it automatically goes to word and not to active inspire

    • #1083
      Maggie CreganMaggie Cregan

      I used Bic Dry Erase markers on the board. I attempted to erase it with a dry erase eraser but it just smeared it. Then I Expo Dry Erase spray, since the Activ Board manual shows that spray is allowed in one of the pictures. Most of it came off with a lot of rubbing with a clean cloth and the spray, but there is still one spot that has left a discolored streak. This board has only been in use for three days. How can I get rid of the streak? Now I don’t dare use dry erase markers on it even though ActivBoard claims they are safe. Please help. Thank you.

    • #1084
      Nancy YoungNancy Young

      How do I change which pen my board uses? I have one of the old gray barrel with the orange stripe around it and the replaceable nib. I would like to change it to a newer version.

    • #1088

      When I use the Promethean board, what is fully displayed on my laptop is only partially displayed on the board. Not only can I not see the full picture but this also means I can’t calibrate my pen (because not all of the crosses are displayed). When I plug my laptop into other teachers’ Promethean boards, I can see my full computer screen so I don’t think my laptop is the issue. What can I do to correct this? Thanks!

    • #1100
      Laura CLaura C

      We have released ActivDriver version 5.12.17. ActivDriver can be downloaded from Promethean Planet or from the Promethean Knowledge Base.

      Please ensure you uninstall any previous version of ActivDriver from your computer before installing this update.

    • #1101
      Alexa GriceAlexa Grice

      I have a computer that does not show the annotate desktop button under tools, on the tool bar or even on the desktop tools area.

    • #1102
      Rhonda CrawfordRhonda Crawford

      I created a flipchart and clicked around the desktop annotate and now it will not come back up.  It is saved but when I open it, it looks like the desktop and I cannot open it up.  I saved it and opened it but couldn’t see the inspire page.  I then opened another flipchart and could see the file name on a tab at the top.  When I clicked on it, the desktop annotate view comes back up and I cannot get to any flipchart.

    • #1104
      Francis GandertonFrancis Ganderton

      I have a new computer and have downloaded the activInspire software. There is no option to use a grid or annotate on a different page even when click file, edit, page background. I know it work fine on my old computer, but everything else seems to be in order in the programme so I am at a loss to explain it.

    • #1106
      Burton RutledgeBurton Rutledge

      When I click on register devices ClassFlow is the only thing that shows up. There is no spot to register my slate. Why is that not option not there anymore?

    • #1108
      Bridget MaloneyBridget Maloney

      Troubleshooting for a teacher in our school…. with her computer hooked up to the board the sound works for a few minutes then stops (Standby button is green). I hooked up my computer and my cords (all of which are in working order) to her board and sound only comes out of the right speaker, but the sound does not stop after a few minutes as it did previously (standby button is green). Any ideas of what is doing wrong? bmaloney@usd116.org

    • #1112
      Sarah LawlorSarah Lawlor

      I have recently downloaded activeinspire. On the left hand side the thumbnails of all my slides look perfect however when I open them that is not the case can anyone help me please!!
      When I go to edit the slides and fix the mistakes and I try to save my work. It says there was an issue with active inspire and it closes it down. Thus leaving me back at square one  

    • #1115
      Kelly FavelloKelly Favello

      We have a portable board (one that is on a stand with wheels).  It works with one of our older laptops connected to it.  We attempted to connect a new computer to it, and the display works, but the pens do not.  It has usb 3.0 ports.  When you plug the usb in, the computer chimes on and off, like you’re connecting a device and then disconnecting it.  Also, in device manager, it constantly refreshes while the cable is plugged in.  I’m guessing there’s a compatibility issue?

    • #1120
      Carey HodgsonCarey Hodgson

      Can’t get pen to work!

    • #1121
      Carey HodgsonCarey Hodgson

      I can not get my pen for my ActivPanel to work. I can get it to work as a mouse on the screen but have no idea how to get it to write????

    • #1122
      Gail MurphyGail Murphy

      There is a large orange button to the right of the green power button on my Promethean remote. What is this button for?

    • #1132
      Cedric EvansCedric Evans
    • #1134
      Connie GriffinConnie Griffin
    • #1136
      Shannon SnookShannon Snook

      Every time I try to open Inspire, a pop up comes up telling me Inspire has stopped working. My options are “Check online for a solution and close the program” and “Close the program”. I tried re-downloading the program but it does the same thing. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • #1139
      Jon ArnoldJon Arnold

      When using page advance arrows at the screen, pages are being skipped. (at page 2 skips to 4 missing page 3 or 1-3 missing 2 or 5-7 missing 6) Does not happen at the attached laptop.

    • #1143
      Holly GirtHolly Girt

      teacher at the school I’m an IT Technician at is complaining that when she
      tries to use her board as a normal whiteboard her pen movements are picked up
      by the board and cause slides to skip and random applications to open. As some
      of her class can see the computer screen it is distracting them.

    • #1144
      Matt BrayfieldMatt Brayfield

      Can I split a ‘shape’? It has been helpful in showing fractions when I had a SmartBoard. I am just getting used to the functionality of the Promethean Board.

    • #1146
      Lainey ParrottLainey Parrott

      I just got my Promethean board set up in my classroom about a month ago and finally getting time to try new things with the ActivInspire program.  I have created a couple flipcharts but every time I try to open them after closing out they don’t come up and I do not have any error messages either.

    • #1147
      Mariza SilvaMariza Silva

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      inside a box for so long. By that, we mean it has taken so long for people to
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      developing innovative medical procedures using robotics and computer-aided
      medical systems.

      With his extensive experience
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      Michigan in Ann Arbor as an undergraduate, excelled in academics and garnered
      honors a graduate. He was born and raised in Detroit and finished his medical
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      Dr. Isaacs joined Kaiser
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      In his heart, Rich is a
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    • #1150
      Fiachra BellFiachra Bell
    • #1155
      Kathleen TuffyKathleen Tuffy

      ActivInspire does not open with OS X El Capitan 10.11. I get a message to open “ActivInspire” you need to install the legacy Java SE 6 runtime. I don’t want to install an old version of Java on my iMac for one application.  I’ve updated El Capitan and tried re-installing ActivInspire.  Is there a fix for this issue?

    • #1156
      Memory D'AgostinoMemory D’Agostino
    • #1157

      I would like to try to calibrate my stylus to the board. The board seems to not take any input from the stylus at all. I tried hovering the stylus over the flame. The flame would change from red to blue. However, the stylus still isn’t working.

    • #1161
      LaShon FairLaShon Fair
    • #1168
      Melissa ShumerMelissa Shumer

      I have new Activexpression clikersr and would like more detailed information than I have found online about how to use them. Is there a detailed manual?

    • #1171
      Hugh JohnsonHugh Johnson

      the screen settings are greyed out when trying to change them using the remote control/board buttons, how do we access the settings please?

    • #1175
      Jon ChambersJon Chambers


      I recently attended a school to help them fix ActivInspire as it wasn’t working properly. I am not a technician, more a trainer, but have built up knowledge on a need to know basis. The problem appeared to be that the original technician had done a custom installation of the s/w. There was no C drive and it was installed from a server. Whenever you opened ActivInspire, the tool palette looked very odd like most of the tools were missing. I noticed when I looked into the settings that there were some very odd tools in the commands, specifically just the military compass.
      Can you offer an explanation as to how and why it does this? Is it down to the custom installation? Can you, like Smart Notebook only install certain components? which may explain why most of the tools were missing. See figs below. Fig 1 shows missing tool bar. See right hand side AND restricted browser view (left).
      Fig 2 shows the only tools available in ‘commands’ section of the settings.

    • #1180

      Hello, I currently have an active board (378 Pro) in my classroom. I can’t get it to function correctly. I’ve used an active board with active expressions in the past. I recently moved schools and this boars has never worked for me.

    • #1182
      Sébastien GamacheSébastien Gamache


      Teacher using MacBookPro mid-2012 osx10.10.5
      activinspire latest version

      I found that each time I connect my Wacom Tablet CTH-670 to a USB port, the activboard stop working (meaning that a red “x” appear on the icon top right and no board appear in the config panel). If I disconnect the tablet, I reboot the computer and I have the board back online.

      Is it a known problem? I couldn’t find it in the DB.


      Sebastien Gamache

    • #1184
      Simon Luxford-MooreSimon Luxford-Moore

      Webinar question.

    • #1186
      Kevin HassettKevin Hassett

      I recently got a new laptop. I loaded Activeinspire and it runs on my classroom Promethean board, except the pens to not work. When I switch to my old laptop, everything works fine.

    • #1187
      Connie ChappellConnie Chappell
    • #1188
      Connie ChappellConnie Chappell

      Screen is flipped

    • #1189

      Visit our new support portal website at https://support.prometheanworld.com.  This will serve as a best-in-class platform to access support resources. The new portal is a one-stop-shop where one can easily find answers to questions and information about the best way to seek help.

      The new site includes:

      • Improved Self Service experience with our new Help Library, How to Videos and support documentation
      • Mobile-friendly user experience
      • Moderated Community
      • Email and Phone support
    • #1196
      Kate PionessaKate Pionessa

      Is it possible to save the clock count down timer settings on a flipchart page so you don’t have to keep setting it each time?

    • #1199
      Laura CLaura C

      ActivInspire 2.5.66477 is available for Windows! 

      To update, please visit the ActivInspire download page. In the coming weeks, you will be able to update directly from the software by going to Help > Check for Updates. 

      Note: ActivDriver is not included with ActivInspire in this release. Should you wish to install the latest version of ActivDriver please visit Promethean Support.  Updates to ActivInspire for Mac OS X and Linux Ubuntu are not yet available. 



      Support for Windows 10

      Azeri translation update



      Clock tool – 24-hour clock preference now functions correctly

      Support for ActiView 280 Camera (available in China)

      Improvements to annotations when using ActiView 322 live camera feed


      Please feel free to start a new conversation if you have any questions. 

    • #1202
      Julie BlahaJulie Blaha

      I would like to be able to take a picture of my students’ work at their desk with my iphone or ipad, and send it my flipchart as a graphic so everyone can see it. How can I do that?

    • #1203
      Marie HindmarchMarie Hindmarch

      When I go to resource browser there are grid buttons, sound but no clipart. I used to find it under the General folder in older versions of Promethean.

    • #1205
      Jon FiehlJon Fiehl

      It has been a while since I have hooked up my board. I have an Elmo also. Is there a how to diagram showing proper connection

    • #1208
      Jon ChambersJon Chambers

      What is the password for the Windows side of the Table, (so that I can connect to a wireless network).
      Secondly, in the Activity session, when I press the ‘For Teacher’ icon to create a file/doc of the session interactions/input/touches etc, the file will not copy to a USB stick. 
      It comes up with a error message stating ‘files not copied correctly’.
      Any clues?


    • #1214

      When I want to change to the next page in a presentation, my keyboard arrow keys will not function. I have to use the side panel to get the next page. How can I get my arrow keys to control this?

    • #1215
      Stephanie ByersStephanie Byers

      Power light is red…will not turn on.

    • #1217
      Susan WarnerSusan Warner

      There is an interactive web site lesson that I want to project on the screen and then have the students be able to move the items on the board with their fingers.( that would usually be moved with a mouse on my computer) – I am new to the active inspire board so I need help please.

    • #1219

      I just went through the process of upgrading a v2 ActivPanel to v3, following the instructions in Article 11201, then restarted the panel, however in the ActivManager, the panel is still described as “BT V2.01).. At the end of the firmware upgrade process, by the way, it had indicated it as having been successful.

    • #1230
      Paulette BowlesPaulette Bowles

      the tool bar is hidden or missong

    • #1231
      Paulette BowlesPaulette Bowles

      where is the tool bar?

    • #1232
      Jacqueline CheathamJacqueline Cheatham

      I had to manually shut down my MAC and I lost a flip chart.
      How do I recover it?
      Thank you!

    • #1233
      Doug HartDoug Hart

      When using the desktop annotate, if I click the shape tool to bring up lines etc, the overlay gets shifted to the left (to accommodate the shape tool bar that pops up on the right).  When I click on pen it gets shifted back meaning any text and shapes are misaligned with the desktop image. Is this a bug?  Is there a fix?

    • #1234
      Cassandra SchulteCassandra Schulte

      I downloaded a template off of Promethean Planet for a trivia game. How do I save it now that I am done so that the kids in my class can click on the items and the hyperlinks work?

    • #1237
      Mason BarnesMason Barnes

      I have a activboard in my classroom that I am unable to use because the light in the top left corner of the board is red. I have tried to unplug and reset the board and I have tried resetting my computer but none of that have solved the problem. Can anyone tell me what to do?

    • #1243
      Brian FussellBrian Fussell

      I am downloading premade flipcharts and when I do, they save as multi-user. I do not have that ability with my present software. Is there any way to change the flipchart to single-user mode?

    • #1244
      Brett ElderBrett Elder

      While in Print Preview of Flipcharts, the text is really small. It prints out really small. Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue? The teacher would like to be able to make the text big enough to read when printed out. Right now, its too small. I have looked at other settings for the printer, and it looks fine. Print Preview works great with Word, etc, Just not ActivInspire.

    • #1245
      Skye PlaystedSkye Playsted
    • #1250

      I recently had to reimage my computer and download ActivInspire again. I had added some items to my tools such as lock and group items. I can’t figure out how to do that again. Any ideas?

    • #1251

      I recently had to re-image my computer and I had to download ActivInspire again. I used to be able to duplicate slides in the browser view but now I can’t. When I downloaded this version I didn’t have to input any code so I’m not sure I have the version I should have. Any ideas?

    • #1253
      Alice WoltersAlice Wolters

      One set of pens stopped working 2 days ago. The dark gray pens will not work, but the secondary pens (light gray) do. I have tried everything to fix the problem, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

    • #1256

      My pen is not calibrating.  I had a “computer issue” last week, and when the techs brought it back, I had to put in my activation code.  When done, the pen was not calibrated.  It works, but won’t calibrate.  I’ve tried using the ‘flame’, but it’s not working.

    • #1257

      My pen is not calibrating.  I had a “computer issue” last week, and when the techs brought it back, I had to put in my activation code.  When done, the pen was not calibrated.  It works, but won’t calibrate.  I’ve tried using the ‘flame’, but it’s not working.

    • #1258
      Hollie GutierrezHollie Gutierrez

      I am trying to add an action to an object on my flipchart page. I want my text to appear when I click the object, to reveal words as I teach each idea. How do I do this?

    • #1261
      Amanda BranchAmanda Branch

      I am having difficulty connecting my surface pro 3 to our classroom promethean board. I am using a VGA connector which works fine for the display. The only issue is the activpen does not work at all. I have plugged the usb for the pen into the surface. Is there a driver or something for the pen that I have not downloaded? I have activinspire and I downloaded the activdriver.

    • #1265
      Mike HeddersonMike Hedderson

      Will ActivInspire be supported on 64-bit installations in the future? The issue is Google is removing support for 32-bit installations of Linux, so that will force us to migrate to 64-bit. The only reason I have continued using 32-bit is to support ActivInspire. I have tried various ways of getting ActivInspire installed on 64-bit, but it always errors out at some point.

      Supporting 64-bit would be most appreciated.

    • #1274
      Christyn EarnestChristyn Earnest

      I have moved to a new district that is using SMART technology (unfortunately) and I desperately need to be able to export my ActivInspire lessons in order to convert them into something I can use in my current classroom (instead of having to remake all of them). However, there is no export option on the newest version of ActivInspire! Please help!

    • #1285
      Lorin ToewsLorin Toews

      Does anybody know how I can go about ordering a replacement wheel for our ActiveBoard 578 Pro portable? One of the wheels broke off when it was being transported to our school.

    • #1287
      kerry lintonkerry linton

      how do I actually write on the board without a marker pen? I have so far only used the pen for slideshows.

    • #1289
      Carmela DevitoCarmela Devito
    • #1290
      Carmela DevitoCarmela Devito

      I registered yesterday wit the following email address
      carmdevito@rogers.com and I am unable to sign in. Please help.

    • #1294
      Janice StewartJanice Stewart
    • #1304
      Adrienne VenezianoAdrienne Veneziano
    • #1305
      Pam TPam T

      Have downloaded Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan driver and now I can calibrate the board.
      When I write words with the pen onto the board it appears as scribble. What do I need to do?

    • #1309

      Test for process please ignore

    • #1315

      Recently in old lessons as well as new ones, I am getting a black background around the red, blue & black lettering making it hard to read on the Promethean board and worse to try and edit on the fly (or even at home or in school computers – it’s on all the machines that I open these projects in. Please help! I can send you a flipchart as an example if you need.

    • #1317
      Waymon HawkinsWaymon Hawkins

      Where is the “Shapes” icon? I cannot find it in my floating toolbox nor in the “insert” menu.

    • #1319
      Misty SMisty S

      I converted a smartboard file to Activinspire but their drag a copy isn’t working on Activinspire drag a copy feature. In design mode, I click drag a copy and nothing happens..any tips?

    • #1321

      Files that are words and boxes for sentence building are fine, I can’t open the games they get to 99.5% and then stick

    • #1328
      Lallie HayesLallie Hayes

      My email account is being spammed by a poster bmmnptck bmmnptck to one of your forums. These are “automated emails” from the site community@prometheanplanet.com. I reported this problem several days ago; the problem ID # assigned is 631768. Please escalate this issue.

    • #1331
      Rick MacGavinRick MacGavin

      This happens about once a week.  Active Inspire v 2.4.66096 on windows 7 x64.  All usb ports stop responding (Promethean board, keyboard, mouse etc) I was able to RDP (remote desktop) into the computer and noticed that active inspire was not responding.  Tried to end task inspire.exe repeatedly and it just would not die.  Pulled all the USB cables out and still no good.  Task manager showed the CPU, Memory, Disk and Net were all low usage.  Event log showed nothing major and services were running normally.  At the time of the issue the teacher only had active inspire running and no other applications were active.  This is happening for multiple teachers with similar configurations.

    • #1333
      Laura ProsserLaura Prosser

      I have created a wheel and need help to make it spin by pushing a button. I’d also like to add a sound as it spins. I’ve found several activ tips on the subject, but nothing that quite fits what I’m doing. Thanks!

    • #1337
      Marianne KmiecikMarianne Kmiecik

      I have an Interactive Promethean Activboard 6 Touch. After opening Activinspire, the pen will open the program, it will turn pages, but the pen will not work with the writing tool and a few of the others. How do I get the writing tool to work?

    • #1338
      David KeckDavid Keck

      My students are trying to complete a self-paced assignment in ActiveInspire using ActivExpressions2, but they are not automatically advancing to the next question. This feature seems to work great with our ActivExpressions. Is there something I can do to ensure that our ActivExpressions 2 are able to support this feature?

    • #1339
      Suzanne GillespieSuzanne Gillespie

      My slate will not let me write all the way across it, it stops. Please advise

    • #1347

      My activhub has stopped working, red button and hubs do not show up.

      It had been working fine until I ran it with the activ inspire from my disc.

      It had been working fine in school prior to this.

      The hub seems to have broken, any solutions?

      Permanent red light

    • #1348

      When placing a transparent png into Activinspire the transparency is treated as opaque black.  Is there any way in the Property browser to change this so the transparency is retained?

    • #1349
      Kim SchroederKim Schroeder

      I continue to receive the error message “Screen Recorder Error 9” after using the screen recorder in ActivInspire.    What can I do to fix this problem?

    • #1350
      Ewbank AudreyEwbank Audrey

      Since the update of ActivInspire, I can’t seem to use the pen of my bamboo wacom tablet to write on a flipchart. The problem doesn’t come of my wacom tablet as I tryed it with several other program like Sankore and SmoothDraw4. I can write perfectly with those. But with activInspire, I can’t use the pen or highlighter properly. With my mouse, I can do it just fin but not with the pen of my tablet.

    • #1353
      Emmi OlsonEmmi Olson

      I would like to buy/download the activinspire software. How do I do this?
      Thank you,

    • #1354
      Jim PicardJim Picard

      The pen will make a small dot where it is first in contact with the board, but will not write. The program will all me to draw with the mouse and the mouse follows the pen as I drag it around the board, but the writing action seems to cut out after the first dot. Same happens with all tools (highlighter, eraser, etc.)

    • #1359
      Colin HaywardColin Hayward

      Hi, I’m interested in the connectivity options between Chromebooks and the Activpanel/Activwall range. Our school uses Chromebooks for teachers and students, and I wanted to know if we would lose any functionality if we didn’t have access to a Windows or Mac computer. Is the Chromebook connected by USB,HDMI,wireless? Is multitouch/screen share supported? Any advice you can give would be appreciated!

    • #1363
      Crystal KnuevenCrystal Knueven

      I cannot find a way to get the tools to appear again. Please help!

    • #1365
      Laura HallLaura Hall

      I have a Activ6 board Touch that will not respond to pen or touch only on the left side and bottom of the board.( L shaped) This has happened before and I reinstalled the drivers and software which fixed it at the time. It is now happening again.

    • #1366
      Sonja MillerSonja Miller

      I am looking for a flip chart that will allow my students to shoot a nerf gun at a bullseye and receive points based on where they hit in the target? Any suggestions?

    • #1367
      Dr. Andrew BayukDr. Andrew Bayuk

      I have a new weird problem since the last ActivInspire update. Although the update does now allow me to connect my students through ClassFlow once again, I cannot print flipchart pages, they will only show up VERY SMALL, no matter what the print setting is. Can you help?

    • #1371
      Lindsay McnattLindsay Mcnatt

      Several teachers this week have saved their flipcharts and then when they go to open them, the file cannot be opened because it has saved as a .temp instead of a .flipchart. Is there anyway to recover the flilpcharts so they will open?

    • #1372
      Carlos DíazCarlos Díaz

      I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to embed YouTube Videos into ActivInspire. I’ve read the suggestions from other teachers and technical support, yet nothing works. Any more suggestions before quitting? By the way, to remove the “s” from “https” does not work.

    • #1374

      I’m running ActivInspire on a Mac, OS X 10.11. I’m not mirroring my screen to a projector; instead using my projector as a second display.

      Is there a way I can display a tickertape on the second display? Even when the ActivInspire window is dragged to my projector display, the tickertape still appears on my primary.

      I realize I can make my projector my primary display by rearranging things in System Preferences, but I’d rather not do that, as it pulls all my open windows to the projector.

      Is the tickertape always anchored to the primary display? 

    • #1376
      Ashley S JohnsonAshley S Johnson

      I’ve bought a Microsoft surface tablet and pen for using inside my classroom, however I cant seem to use the pen on a flip chart. I’ve tried all the settings and can only manage a dot. I’ve updated all software and restarted my tablet. Can anyone help? I went $700 in debt for this and cant use it so far.

    • #1377
      Clare QuigleyClare Quigley

      Since upgrading to Flash 21 all machines with the ActivInspire driver installed is popping up with an ActivSDK Flash extension error, saying the Flash player plugin is not installed. Flash works on web sites, in Powerpoint etc, and is seen in Add and Remove Programs. I need to either resolve this error message, or prevent the pop up on over 100 machines, so the solution does need to be “deployable”

    • #1378
      Deanna LicatovichDeanna Licatovich

      When I plug in the Hub to the computer and select the registration icon, Classflow is the only option I see. I am unable to register any devices (such as my slate). Please advise.

    • #1379
      Louise OmahonyLouise Omahony

      We want to be able to select and use a cursive font on active inspire as well as via Microsoft office. Weare going to purchase Sassoon primary school pack – which is expensive so I want to confirm that it will be possible for a font to join letters on Activ?

      I know it is compatible with word,

    • #1380


      One of our staff has an interactive whiteboard and PRM-30A projector, hooked up to a Toshiba C660 notebook using VGA.

      Everything was working fine until we had to re-image the notebook with a fresh version of Windows 7. 

      Now when he switches on the notebook and projector the sides of the projected image appear slightly cropped. For example, if you start ActiveInspire half the logo on the top window bar is lost.  It’s the same on the right hand side of the display.

      Pressing “auto set” on the remote control resizes everything properly.  This works fine until the notebook goes to sleep, which can be regularly enough since we have a low timeout value set for staff.  This is frustrating our colleague…

      Is there a way to permanently set the parameters which an “auto set” discovers?  Or is there something missing on the notebook following the re-installation of Windows?  Or is there some calibration we missed?

      We don’t have much experience with Promethean projectors, so any advice would be appreciated.


    • #1382
      Nadeer ZayerNadeer Zayer

      hello my name is Reda and i have a windows 10 pc and i have downloaded activinspire latest version and i cant fine the annotate over desktop button i have seen videos were it will be and its not there i have done the shortcut and it doesnt work please help

    • #1383
      Laura Leigh RampeyLaura Leigh Rampey

      I pretty much always add the grid to my flipcharts. I would like new flipcharts to automatically have the grid I’ve designed when I create them. Is there a way to do this?

    • #1387
      Dr. Andrew BayukDr. Andrew Bayuk

      With the recent update to ActivInspire, I can once again register my students and send them flipchart pages. However, the polling feature is not working. The students receive the questions and are able to choose an answer and submit, but this does not register on the board, their names no longer light up yellow as they submit their answers. Getting frustrated with losing things that used to work. Are you aware of this problem and is there a fix? Please help. Please don’t abandon ActivInspire. I don’t want to import my lessons to online ClassFlow. I have all my science curriculum written to flipcharts. Presently, the only way to poll is with the ActivExpression responders.
      Dr. Andrew Bayuk

    • #1392
      Laura Leigh RampeyLaura Leigh Rampey

      In answer to an earlier question, I was advised to create a template. Foolishly, I imagined that I would be able to “save as” a template, or that there would be a “create a new template” tool.
      So . . . HOW do I create a new template?

    • #16200

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