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      I have an activpanel elements (nickel series) board. Previously, it was on the school wifi and I was able to update the board via online updates. However, now my board is disconnected from the school wifi even though password has not been changed. The board simply does not detect the school wifi at all. It picks up other hotspots in the area but not the school wifi.  I know the school wifi is working as other devices in the room are connected to it as well as the board in the classroom next door.

      I have tried turning the board on/off with no results. Is there anything else I can try?




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      The WIFI modules can be removed, if you take the same WIFI module to another ActivPanel of the same model, do you experience the same issue?



      Promethean Support

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      tech teacherLisa C

      Hi Adam,

      Can you tell me how to remove and install the wifi module?

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      Hi Lisa C,

      Please see the install guide on the link below, the steps can be followed in reverse:


      Please ensure that when you connect this into the other ActivPanel (or another WIFI module into this particular ActivPanel) that the ActivPanel receives a full power cycle (turn off at the mains socket and back on) before turning it on to allow for the WIFI module to be detected by the ActivPanel.

      Please let us know if this helps.



      Promethean Support

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